What Does it Mean Healthy Nutrition?

Strictly speaking, healthy nutrition should be an inseparable part of everyday life and contribute to strong physiological, mental and social person’s health. In general healthy feeding presupposes the influence of consumed food, our health and the efforts for improving our health. Quality nutrition is provided by safety food products consumption under the balanced diet which leads to complete organism needs satisfaction in nutrient materials.

Shortage of nutrient materials poses physical condition caused by improper diet or physical inability to digest or metabolize nutrient materials. It presupposes:
–    overeating: a person consume more calories than expend which results in excessive body fat,
–    malnutrition: a person applies insufficient calories amount and nutrient materials which results in weight loss and nutrient elements deficit.

As far as expert’s point of view is concern, there are ten main products which supply all necessary elements and help to live long and valuable life.
People all over the world realize the miraculous characteristics of green tea. It is known that it prevents the development of atherosclerosis and protects from prostate disease. It is also sufficient for weight loss, but for fats burning it is necessary to consume not less than four cups per day.

Right now let’s turn to apples. Eating an apple each day gives more chances not to fall sick with Alzheimer disease. Apples contaminated substances are able to restrain cancer cells development. They also contain vitamins and microelements which improve immunity and cardiovascular system work.

Those who are interested in heart health should consume more fish instead of meat. Three fish lunches per week or 39 grams of fish per day reduce infarct risk development.

Garlic is essential during infections disease treatment. Among other things its consumption reduces stomach cancer risk development and improves digestion. It also protects from vascular diseases and clean vessels from blocking.

It has appeared that there is no need to consume enormous amount of lemon to deliver vitamin C to organism, strawberry contains more C vitamin. It is also rich in iron which improves organism immunity.

Carrot contained beta-carotene neutralizes free radicals which devastates genic structure and encourages cancer. By the way it has favourable influence on skin condition and eyesight. By the way you should remember that beta-carotene melts better in fats, thus it is necessary to consume it with sour cream and oil.

Spicy chili enhances metabolism this way contributing to weight loss. Need it to admit that sweet pepper is also useful.

Bananas is the most rich in carbohydrates fruit. It contains various substances preventing from quick sugar penetration in blood. At the same time it contains sixth daily requirement magnesium.

Soya is useful for its lecithin B group vitamins which increases mental abilities and strengthen nervous system. Soya is a well-known source of protein which is able to replace animal proteins.

Finally milk is not in vain treated as the main feeding product. It contains important protein, easily digested fats and useful sugar lactose. Milk is also rich in calcium. As far as scientists are concern, accumulated in youth calcium helps to escape osteoporosis in age. It is moreover necessary for nervous system functioning and for proper work of muscular system.

Consequently, we may say that we are what we eat. This is vital at present. Doctors confirm that the way of life and nutrition determines our health in greater measure.

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