Heart Disease Originates Already in Childhood

The main function of heart is to supply enough blood to all organs in order to deliver oxygen and nutrient elements to each cell of organism the same as elimination life activity products out of cells. The number of heart diseases is constantly increasing at present. Frequently, our heart suffers from improper nutrition, pressure changes, emotional stresses and excessive physical exercises.

Primary heart disease symptoms: heartache, delicate speeded pulse, short breath during small physical exercises, apathy, bad mood, impatience, melancholy, problems with sleep, heartbeats, untimely ageing and sickness.

Heart is a muscular organ. It is small in dimension and works all person’s life. It transfers around 5-6 liters of blood in a minute. By the way the amount increases when a person is in a motion, has physical activity and decreases while relaxing. It is possible to say that heart is a muscular pump which provides blood movement along vessels. All together it is heart-vascular system. It consists of big and small circulation.

For quite long period of time heart diseases may exist in secreted form, showing no evidences to it. In combination with various blastomas particularly these illnesses are the main reason of untimely death in developed countries.

Cardiology treats cardiovascular system problems. Vessels and heart diseases can be very serious with following complications, thus it is so important to pay proper attention to your heart. Modern medicine possesses impressive number of methods and equipment which may reveal this disease.

Atherosclerosis – is the disease when foreign substances appear on inside part of arteria, it disturbs vessels from normal functioning. In its turn patches decreases blood circulation which may lead to diverse complications: ischemic heart disease, heart attack, insult. Atherosclerosis patches forms out of fats and so kind products and first of all out of cholesterin. These patches grow and disturb arteria which fail to deliver essential matters to organs.

Heart attack – is a part of cardiac muscle death for the reason of vessel blockade which delivers nutrition substances. Having lack of these substances this part of cardiac muscle dies. There is scarry on its place. In any case a suspected patient directs to hospital, where there is an opportunity to careful investigation and intensive treatment.

Hypertensive disease – is one of the most spread illness which leads to the whole complex of pathological organs changes. The primary and determinative factor is exceeded arterial pressure.

Improper attitude to your health may lead to sorrowful consequences. Predestination to cardiovascular diseases forms in childhood. Bad habits, lack of activity, irregular nutrition contributes to it. It is better to start preventive treatment as early as possible. The main reasons are obesity, poor physical activity, and excessive choletelin consumption, smoking, alcohol application. Improving your way of living you may improve your health.

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