Yoga – this is?

In a general sense yoga is a combination of spiritual and physical practices which are developed in various Hinduism and Buddhism directions. It is oriented at mentality control and high-minded spiritual condition. In narrow sense it is one of six orthodox schools of Hinduism philosophy. It is intended to change person’s position in the world.

Basic yoga trends are rajah-Yogi, karma-Yogi, gjana- Yogi, bhakti-Yogi and hatha Yogi. The word yoga originates from Sanskrit “yog” – means “exercise”, “union”, “harmony”.

Yoga is the work of thought, a system of sleep awakening on the idea level. All yoga exercises contribute to new breathing revelation. It is also possible to say that yoga is a force of idea infusion. Yoga practice takes approximately 80-90% of all physical exercises. To observe this practice from time attitude, it is possible to divide it to:

  • yoga of yesterdays,
  • present yoga,
  • yoga of future.

Yoga of future is the most interesting for physical body. The purpose of practice is to learn 12 courses like trance and hypnosis levels. It is more than way of life; it is mild and gradual dipping into time. Need it to say that it is impossible to reach high consciousness forms without previous levels experience.

Physical body work is quite significant part of spiritual practice. It is possible to name your future protection on mental challenges. If you are not enough physically prepared, it may frustrate your quick results.

Asanas (stable, comfortable body position) – are the impulses on physical, mental and spiritual aspects. It helps to gain strength and endurance. Regular asanas practice contributes health reservation. Mostly, these are meditation poses. Quite frequent yoga presupposes continuous efforts for sophistication. Worthwhile saying that yoga and sport are frequently observed in contradiction to each other, by characteristic of the quiet attitude in yoga in relation to the competitive capacity of sport. While yoga is determined to practice, in sport there is impact on exercise. One more significant thing is that it makes serious steps in direction to the development and the achievement of the persona’s goals.

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