Gastric Cancer and Everything that you Should Know About It

Gastric cancer – is a cancerous blastoma. Approximately 90-95% of gastric blastomas are cancerous, at the same time in most cases it is cancer. This illness is situated on the second floor after lung cancer. Need it to say that men are subject to this disease two times more than women. More often people between 40-45 years old suffer from it.

Gastric cancer symptoms

It is impossible to determine the problem for quite long period of time. During its development gastric cancer symptoms are similar to numerous preceding chronicle illnesses (chronicle gastritis, chronic ulcer stomach). Only in subsequent stages there are completely no doubts that changes in patient feeling, unreasonable general weakness, work decrease, unmotivated appetite reduction, but sometimes even food aversion, stomach discomfort, unreasonable progressive weight loss, anaemia, mental depression are the direct evidence of this serious illness.

Grounds of disease

There are determined only some of reasons to blastoma beginning. In this case such factors as food nature, ways of its preparing, temperature, eating regime are essential. Irregular eating time, predominant majority of animal fat, salt, great number of spices, overdone products presupposes negative influence on your stomach. The list can be prolonged by consumption of too hot food, overeating do great harm. You should remember that smoking increases nitrates and nitrites incoming. How strange it may seem, but environment which contains chemical substances increases the risk of gastric cancer development. Despite the fact that inherited gastric cancer is not enough investigated, we must not exclude it

How is gastric cancer diagnosed?

The main method of this disease exposure is stomach investigation by means of special device, which makes it possible to observe the stomach from inside, deliver the image to computer screen and to take suspicious things for the proceeding microscope examination. By the way, it is possible to investigate it through X-ray apparatus

Tips to escape illness

Proper eating: as far as most scientists are concern, 35% of all blastomas are connected with feeding peculiarities. Consequently, a diet, rich of fruits and vegetables decrease cancer appearance risk more than 20 percent. Red meat consumption should be limited. Meat and fish should be prepared under low-level temperature, restrict fried products application. You should organize regular mouth treatment. Limited consumption of nitrates and nitrites will lead to blastoma development risk. Stop smoking and alcohol appliance. Pay serious attention to chronic infections, as soon as you observed even small deviations in your health you should immediately organize general investigation. Be mobile and active; try to do physical exercises every day. It is necessary to escape long influence of various harmful, unnatural impacts on organism.

Gastric cancer treatment

Operation is the main way of such illness curing. There are no other methods which are able to replace surgical interference. Chemotherapy can be applied only in case when it is impossible to remove blastoma. In such cases it is possible to it is possible to decrease or totally remove painful expressions of the disease. Unfortunately these effects are short and it is impossible to prolong live-lasting period. Sometimes chemotherapy is applied after operation, when blastoma was removed but there are metastases.

Preventive treatment

The best protection from cancer is preventive treatment. It consists of in due time treatment of pre-cancer conditions, the same as following regular feeding regime and alcohol consumption reduction.

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