Allergy Treatment Is a Serious and Delicate Procedure

Allergy is an inadequate reaction of organism on various factors of the environment. The essence of the disease is unhealthy reaction of immune system on quite ordinary substances, which are treated like enthetic and turn into allergens. What is more the predilection to allergy can be inherited.
According statistics, each fifth inhabitant of our planet suffer from this illness: each sixth American, each fourth German, from 5 till 30 percent of Russians. From 30 till 60 percent megalopolis inhabitancy are subjected to this difficult malady.

Frequently people threat this illness not as serious as it should be, paying improper attention to it. There is great number of those who do not realize that they have allergy and consider its symptoms as another kind of sickness. There are cases when a person suffers from simple innocence of symptoms, kinds and methods of allergy treatment. To combat the enemy it is necessary to know everything about it.

While encountering with allergens, after penetrating allergens into blood, a body dismiss impressive amount of histamine into blood in the form of protective reaction. In its turn this substance encourages redness, angiectasia, running nose, cough, sneezing and mucous inflammation. The illness testifies about immune system decreasing, protective reactions slowdown, thus it is necessary to come through serious investigation. The worst thing concerning allergy is its ability to turn into more serious illnesses. Above everything, if not to start treatment in proper time it generates difficulties with breathing, convulsions, loss of consciousness, significant arterial pressure reduction. Quite often it may lead to death.

It is important to remember that there is necessary to fight not only with allergens influence on the body, but also with immune system weakness.
In general, the whole therapy during allergy is possible to divide into two stages, patient curing in dangerous condition and in stage of improving, between spasms. The essential task of the first case is immediately to stop the spasm and diminish the symptoms, while during the second case it is important to reduce its sensibility to allergens.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to get rid of allergy, but to alleviate the live of allergy patients is possible if to follow certain simple rules:
–    If possible, try not to consume certain fruits and vegetables. During spring (the season of allergy aggravation) do not eat various cookies, grits, pasta, bread, apple and grape juice and some others;
–    do not open the windows but take air conditions;
–    better stay at home on windy days;
–    try to protect your house from dust;
–    certain house plants may case the symptoms;
–    draw particular attention to gastroenteric illnesses and dysbacteriosis- one of the main reasons of allergy;
–    try to escape diverse stresses;
–    it will be very useful to organize vacations nears sea or ocean;
–    finally, you may address to medications and various treatment procedures.

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