Nicotine Addiction and Its Influence on Health

First of all, smoking is a habit.

A person starts smoking due to his personal various reasons. Frequently people use a cigarette to alleviate his melancholy, suffering, the same as for emotional relaxing. If you want to quit up smoking, you are to determine the grounds inducing you to light up in diverse situations.

Yellowed teeth, wicked offensive breath, unpleasant odor from hair, morning’s unpleasant taste in the mouth- all of these are negative consequences of nicotine addiction. Do you realize that smoking is a repeated course of fires? Cigarette ends clutter up streets and buildings heavily. There are scientific confirmations that smoking aggravates alcohol intoxication one and half-twice times. This addiction leads to multiple accidents during pregnancy, such as immature infant and the ability to have a child decrease. Moreover these women may experience premature menopause.

Sometimes women are afraid of giving up this disgusting habit anticipating to gain weight. Nerveless it is in vain. In case your weight increase, which is connected with the necessity to compensate smoking to more generous fare, it’s not for a long time- in two or three months  you will manage to normalize it.

There is impressive number of efficient methods of tobacco addiction abolition: hypnosis, needle therapy, laser treatment. There are developed certain plasters and chewing-gums.

The reason for smoking is nicotine addiction. Nicotine possesses relaxing and calming effect. In small doses it aggravates attention, increases activity, decreases appetite, intensifies heartbeats, raise the pressure. When a person starts smoking, natural nicotine stops developing in his body, thus there is the need to consume it from outside. In this relation nicotine addiction is similar to drug addiction. Only for the reason that smoking is widely spread, it treats quite normal by majority. Despite the fact it damages our health, at present almost a half of planet adult population is smoking.

Tobacco smoke structure. Tobacco smoke is a concentrated aerosol: mixture of gases and solid particles. It consists of more then 4000 various chemical elements, including 60 cancerogenes. Among gases there are presented carbon monoxide, hydrocyanic acid, formic aldehyde and many others. Solid particles are embodied in nicotine and resin. Despite the fact that mainly people smoke for nicotine action, the greatest health damage brought resin. Penetrating in person’s lungs, it settles on respiratory channels, including alveolus. Resin prevents breathing process and natural lungs purification. Simultaneously it stimulates cancer. It may leads to lungs disease and reduces person’s immunities.

Tobacco addiction hurts smoker directly. Above all things, there is impressive damage to your breathing and cardiovascular system. You deserve cough and inflammation. Nevertheless, the worst thing concerning smoking is that health of others is in danger, because he is breathing the same substances, but in smaller concentrations. It is important to know that out of 85-90% of nicotine concentrated in blood it is metabolized by a person and segregated from body by means of nephros promptly. Scientists presupposed that approximately two hours this substance lives in our blood. Thus, it is possible to say that blood nicotine would concentrate in considerable amount levels for six to eight hours after a person finished smoking.

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