Put Your Sexual Activity Under Stringent Control

It is possible to mention impressive number of diverse information links concerning the benefit of sexual activity. By the way it is evident that sex contributes increasing duration of life by means of endorphines, DHEA, and growth-promoting hormone, simultaneously decreasing the number of stress hormones. Nevertheless, there are those who do not pay proper attention to curative measure of sex. While the going is good, put your libido under control and try to prolong the life duration.

Men’s Nature Viagra
Do you know that there are certain difficulties with your hormone standard even before 50 years of age? In the result you’ve got a gone to seed sexual desire, impedient with the competency to represent. There is one more thing which encourages erectile dysfunction (E.D.) – the formation of hematoblast in the blood-vascular system that diminished bloodstream to the penis.

In virtue of Chinese medicine, there are hopeful prospect of male sexual weakening preventing. Glad to present you “Dragon Male Formula,” an herbal medicine for low libido, developed by my father, enough well-known physician of Chinese medicine. The remedy can be purchased in certain Whole Food stores or by means of net at askdrmao.com.

It is expected the medicament assist healthy activity of the testis, blood stream, and hormonal system. Consisting of morinda root, Chinese Senega root, deer antler velvet, redberry root and horny goat weed- this remedy will help to improve male and female sexual activity.

It is of great importance not to disregard physical drill and load, which healthily influence male’s testosterone standards. For another thing, the observation of simple rules, such as full-fledged sleep, stress reduction and consumption of a diet high in zinc, found in beans and fabaceous, pumpkin-seeds, brown rice, Brazil nuts, cashews, arachis, sunflower-seeds, wheat germ, and oyster will help to get out of the rain.

Female Libido Prolongation of Life
Resembling to male, in course of age, predominant majority of women suffers from sexual potency decrease. The problem is in hormones estrogen and testosterone degradation. Endless list of attributive factors can be prolonged by heaviness, morbid self-conception, lying-in, troublesome interrelations, so much abhorrent climacteric period, stress, constant exhaustion and finally deficiency of orgasm.

However, not everything is lost and “Feminine Desire,” which consists of wild yam, coarse goat weed with the forbs dong quai, ginseng, and the spices anise, zinziber, and turmeric, is in position to create miracle. While the composition contributes healthy endocrine system activity, simultaneously stimulating natural desires vitality and activity. Notwithstanding, there is no point to forget about miraculous emotions between partners and desirable feelings. Just go and obtain it at Whole Foods stores or through askdrmao.com.

Libido Improvement Tips
1. Direct connection between food and libido!
Exquisite alimentary products stimulate sexual activity: garlic, shallot, eschallot, purret, chives, zinziber, canella, dill, cardamom, aniseed, curcuma, hot pepper, pepper plant, and horse-radish.

Above everything, there can be implemented deep sea and cold-water fish, such as fluke, salmon, pilchard, and shell-fish impregnated with omega aliphatic acids.

2. Medication for desire-increasing: For everyday consumption prepare chicken soup stock with curcuma, hot pepper, onion, purret, chive, and zinziber.

3. Don’t put aside romanticism. In modern society there is completely disappeared calf-love. Indulge your partner and yourself with unforgettable, appetizing romantic supper. This combination of elaborate evening meal, propitiatory candle-lit and a glass of delicious wine (please remember that bind the sack before it be full) is in position to stir passions and arouse sexual appetence.

4. Never stop fitness! There is no need to exhaust yourself by lasting wearisome trainings. 30 minutes of everyday perambulation, gentle jogging, and similar cardio exercise in cooperation with tai chi or qigong will be enough. Remember that Kegel exercises contribute to pelvic muscles reduction and wrestle with prostate troubles in men and incontinentia in women.
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