Do you Suffer from Sugar Diabetes?

Sugar diabetes is a serious disease determined by insufficiency or complete lack of insulin hormone. Sometimes there is weak sensibility of body cells to insulin.

This hormone is necessary for body cells to be able to adopt sugar out of blood. In case insulin shortage, sugar level in blood may increase to life dangerous standard.

There are two main types of sugar diabetes:

–    1 type (insulin dependent)
–    2 type (non insulin dependent)

People suffering from the first type of disorder have shortage of insulin or it does not develop at all. While having genetic predilection, the grounds of this type disease are in virus infections, environment factors, problems with nutrition.

In case of second type diabetes, pancreas continues to produce insulin; however a body does not react on hormone influence which leads to relative insulin deficit. The reasons of this type disorder are in genetic predisposition, obesity, frequently connected with overeating, endocrine system problems, pancreatitis.

Need to say that this disorder is quite serious because it leads to all kinds of metabolism disturbance. You may notice cell membranes penetration decrease, increase of sugar level in blood which is particularly dangerous to organism, fats disintegration increases. Among everything there is intensified cholesterin synthesis and body infections resistance reduces. Significant fluid loss results in water deprivation. Various healthy substances release from body.

It is possible to appoint three main stages in sugar diabetes disorder. The first one is the so-called potential diabetes, when there is only predilection to illness. The next one is secreted diabetes, when doctors reveal it by means of special analysis and finally obvious diabetes, when there are evident symptoms. The last stage is characterized by dryness of the mouth, excessive urine passage, weight loss, weakness, activity reduction, raised appetite, skin problems. a person may also experience headaches, sleep disturbance, impatience, heart pain.

Regular and correct nutrition is important in all forms of disease. In particular proper feeding and a diet are the essential ways of sugar diabetes combating. First of all it is necessary to determine individual nutrition calories per each day with account of body weight. You should exclude easy of digestion food (sugar, fruit sugar and so on) and animal fats.

Your feeding should be divided into small, but more frequent portions. Use spices for better fats digestion. Remember about laugh, it reduces sugar level in blood. You should exclude coffee, some fruits, but be free to consume more vegetables. In more serious cases it is necessary medical treatment.

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