Depression Disorder Deserves your Attention

In a general sense depression is negative mood of a person, melancholy, sorrow, while in restricted sense it is psychiatric disorder characterized by significant feeling and self-attitude lowering, loosing of interest to life and satisfaction.

While lasting quite long period of time, depression is regarded as a mental disorder, nevertheless it is subjected to treatment. As a rule a person suffering from this disease starts consume excessively alcohol, or other substances.

The Reasons of Disorder

Depression might be caused by dramatic adventures, for example loss of any relative, job and so on. Quire frequent this disorder is the result of some medicines side effect. Disposition to depression can be determined genetically. As far as certain theories are concern, it sometimes appears in the result of excessive brain stress, explained by physiological and psych-social factors.

Basic Symptoms

  • Depressed mood, independent from circumstances for quite long period of time;
  • loose of interest and satisfaction from earlier pleasant activity;
  • expressed tiredness, loss of strength.

Additional Symptoms

  • Pessimism;
  • feeling of guilt, uselessness, disturbance and fear;
  • lowered self-attitude;
  • inability to concentrate and make a decision;
  • thoughts about death and suicide;
  • unstable appetite, loosing or gaining weight;
  • disturbed sleep, insomnia or oversleep.

Depression can be characterized by various features. In particular, there is winter, postpartum and hidden ones, symptoms of which are masked under diverse physical diseases. Quite often there is no need in hospitalization. Sometimes it is enough to pass through one-two month course of treatment in psychiatrical consultation, though there are cases when it is necessary to take medicines constantly. Pharmacological remedies help to change functions and structure of brain tissue in order to dismiss the symptoms. It is also possible to cure this disorder by means of infusions, needle therapy, hypnotherapy, music, art therapies, and meditation. These are still additional measures to psychiatrist prescriptions. In case of deep depression, when a patient is dangerous to himself and to others, there is electroshock therapy.

Ways of Combating Depression

Almost everyone knows what it is. Everyone search for personal ways out. If you feel enough efforts to overcome it individually, do it. First of all calm down and look at the situation with fresh eye. Then determine the reason of depression. Try to abstract from everyday life, surrounding people and to find something new and interesting for you. It will be mistaken to start consuming alcohol and drugs and you depression become sharp.

Please remember, depression is possible to cure.

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