Healthy Child Nutrition

Health is the condition of total physical and social welfare, natural body position. One of the most important segments of healthy life-style is in regular feeding.

The main rule that forms persons health is that nutrition should be well-balanced and efficient. Food should cover person’s power consumption; maximally correspond to person’s enzyme system. It is essential to obey feeding regime (time between eating should be not less than 2 hours and not more then 4,5 hours).

Balanced nutrition is an optimal proportion of nutrient materials, biologically active substance and other constituents. Unbalanced feeding makes particularly negative influence on child health. Considering this, parents should effectively think over their child menu. Interval between child nutrition should be not more than 3, 5-4 hours. Some products (milk, fermented milk product, butter, fruits) should exist in their ration everyday, another products (fish, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream) should be consumed 2-3 times per week. Various cookies and cakes are better to replace into fruits, berries, zephyr. Our stomach is highly sensitive to spicy, fried food that is why for preventing various serious illnesses, child’s nutrition should be healthy.

School curriculum requires high mental activity. Consequently while studying children not only carry out hard work, but also grow up, develop and for all the processes to be successful they should get efficient nutrition satisfying metabolic needs of the organism. Children should satisfy not only energy resources, but also grow up and progress intensively. It is evident that lack of any nutrient materials may lead to growth retardation, physical and mental development and bony skeleton and teeth formation disturbance. Children of primary school age are subject to it greatly. Impressive requirement of growing organism in food, digesting system defects and enhanced metabolism are the main reason of certain difficulties in rational child’s nutrition organization.

We should always remember that food may cause negative impact on person’s health. For example, it is unacceptable frequent consumption of chips, dry toasts and chewing-gums. Regular consumption of excessive quantity of salt leads to blood pressure increase and heart diseases development. During summer there is greater need in liquid appliance, it is possible to compensate it with drinking-water, juices, and compotes. It is preferable to exclude sweet gas drinks. Regular consumption of these drinks leads to obesity development, while in its turn it presupposes diabetes development risk, cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis. Though, mostly adults subject to this disease, the base of it forms in childhood washing calcium out of organism.

Child’s nutrition should consist of all nourishing constituents-vitamins, energetic substances, mineral salts- in corresponding quantities and proportions. Above everything feeding should have cellulose.

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