Acute Leukemia Symptoms and Little Known Facts

There are two main forms or acute leukemia that are known as Acute Myelogenous leukemia (AML) and Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). As acute leukemia is known for its fast developing, it’s important to start treatment process as soon as possible as this way the patient has more chances to get successful treatment. Success here means either remission or total leukemia elimination.

Leukemia is a type of disease that starts in bone marrow. It starts producing abnormal blood cells that spread throughout body, affecting healthy blood cells. It treatment actions are not taken quickly then these sick blood cells can stay in liver and spleen.

It’s commonly said leukemia appears because of changes within body that are yet to be discovered as well as the reasons for appearing of the majority of cancer types. However, acute leukemia can be caused by toxins exposure, for example, as a response to benzene poisoning. Heredity also means a lot here as cancer is a disease that often can be inherited.

Early symptoms of acute leukemia include lack of appetite and fast weight loss, constant headaches that have no other background, small red spots under skin, frequent stomach upsets. Also acute leukemia often causes symptoms that resemble flu (chills, fever, etc), but they stay for a long time and don’t go away. A person with developing leukemia shows lower resistance to various infections. Some patients notice sudden nose bleedings or gum bleeding – this also can signify of leukemia. Finally, anemia is one more symptom for acute leukemia. It often means a patient has low level of iron. Certainly, it’s hard to define leukemia from these symptoms, so if you have overall weakness and feel that some symptoms like headaches last for a long time, it’s important to visit a doctor to find out possible health problems. Unfortunately, cancer is an insidious disease and sometimes people don’t develop even a half of symptoms described here, that is why it’s hard to diagnose acute leukemia on early stages, but this should be done.

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