Treatment of Depression

Depressions are diseases that are mentally and physically tough. Depression has nothing to do with a temporary bad mood, it has nothing to do with simple fatigue, not with a sadness that everyone knows, and depression is also not a sag. Depression covers the entire life, not only for a few hours or days, but during the whole disease.

Depression can be treated. However, the situation at the moment is that less than half of the patients undergoing treatment are cured, and that is a fact. This is so sad, because if properly treated, can be completely cured.

It is usually the first step to treat the worst. Many people just need to help others.

The first point in a depression, for example, is to find a man whom they trust as their family doctor, a psychotherapist, a psychiatrist or, for example, the telephone counseling.

You should definitely go to something or someone if you ever get depressed for several weeks, when you feel your life no longer worth the effort or you often have to think about death, that is, for example, if you no longer make sense in your life or are so desperate that the only way forward lies in death. These are all signs of depression. Talk to the person you trust about your emotional and physical location, your moods, your feelings and thoughts.

Before undergoing treatment for depression, you must take a physical examination. This has two reasons: Some depression have the same symptoms as other diseases. Therefore, it is necessary only to ensure that no other diseases are present. The second reason is that prior to treatment with any medication, there are risk of incompatibilities that must be resolved first.

Do explain your illness. Find out how the disease is likely. It is important that you and your relatives are informed exactly what depression is and what impact they may have. It is also important that only an informed patient is in a position to help shape the treatment itself.

After a diagnosis, a treatment plan drawn up by the doctor. This includes determining whether the in-patient or out-patient treatment at a clinic should be carried out. This treatment plan must also be determined whether a psychotherapy, and whether you should take medication. If you currently take medicines try to check any possible side effects with other medicines that you take. When taking medication, you must be patient, because they do not happen overnight. Many antidepressant drugs require up to several weeks until they are fully effective.

The goal of treatment is, of course, overcoming depression. Say you regularly talk with your doctor about your doubts on the treatment, for example, if you feel there are no improvements. Emergency treatment must then be adjusted. Do not ask for advice from other doctors.

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