Comparison of The Most Used Potency Pills

There are many men (Europe alone having over 26 million) experiencing these problems, these are men who cannot make their penis erect during sexual intercourse, or men experiencing shorter time on erection. So-called erectile dysfunction occurs in many men for over 40 years. But there is help.

Today, we compare three of the best potency pills on the market today. That’s Viagra (sildenafil), Cialis (tadalafil) and Levitra (vardenafil). Let us first talk about Viagra.

Viagra is the first and oldest on the market (10 years), has the highest success rate and also helps in problem groups. You can buy Viagra at a very cheap price (less than 1 euro per pill). Viagra starts within 30 to 60 minutes to act and the effect lasts for around four hours. But Viagra has also the most side effects. The most common are headaches, heartburn, colds and diarrhea.

Let us now turn to Cialis. The drug is similar to Viagra, but has a couple advantages. Perhaps the most widely known is that the effect of Cialis, which is reported to lasts longer – for 36 hours. It has similar side effects, but also longer. The good thing about it though is that the food or alcohol has no influence on the effect (like Viagra). Cialis is also more expensive.

Levitra is the newest impotence aid (since 2002 on the market). The drug starts from within only 30 to 40 minutes to act and the effect lasts up to 16 hours. But there is a huge advantage. Levitra has a very low percentage of side effects. You will have no vision problems (such as Viagra), or only get a few headaches. That is why the drug is also the most expensive of the three. One tablet is around 2.5 Euro to buy.

If you’re wondering what medication is the best, I have a few tips to a quick and relatively safe way to get an erection, I would propose Viagra. It is also the cheapest option. If you perhaps are planning to have the entire weekend having fun, then I recommend Cialis. It lasts longer but is also a bit more expensive, but if the money does not matter, then I recommended Levitra – very little side effects and the effect of the drug lasts for 16 hours.


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