Cholesterol Treatment

People with high cholesterol levels need to be treated. Because if this remains untreated, there will be serious health damage. Often, you do not notice a too high cholesterol levels. A person needs to be vigilant for his health, so can his cholesterol levels be checked regularly. Basically, it is simply wrong “cholesterol”, because it is not simply “the” cholesterol, but several different materials which for the sake of simplicity of this concept are summarized. What this actually meant for cholesterol functions in the human body will be explained below.

What do we mean by cholesterol?

The cholesterol is a fat-like substance in the human body. We need cholesterol for many important functions in the body. A task is the production of vitamin D. Also, the hormone production can only take place with cholesterol. The body gets cholesterol in different ways. The body itself produces a certain amount of cholesterol every day, producing of about two grams per day. The Main production place is the liver and intestine. In addition, we talk about our cholesterol diet. However, this applies only to animal food. But just about the food you can raise cholesterol levels.

What are the immediate consequences of a too high cholesterol level? Short term, no changes will be felt. Therefore, also long time no changes to be felt. The risk for cardiovascular disease increases considerably. This allows patients with high cholesterol levels develop atherosclerosis disease. This leads to circulatory problems, because the blood can not freely flow through the arteries.

The reasons and causes for high cholesterol levels are varied. To include physical inactivity and obesity is one of the causes. You can place a high value of good cholesterol and treat not only with drugs, but also with a change of diet and more exercise. Everyone should regularly review its value in his family.

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