Medical Check Up

When my girlfriend feels out of sorts and unfit (although I know she sleeps quite well!), she goes to a doctor who orders a medical check-up to be taken. The same thing happens over and over again at frequent intervals with the doctor compiling an updated medical history of my friend based on the latest medical tests results obtained and after inquiring about her eating habits and any physical exercises she takes. I have to state here that my girlfriend shuns sports activities and coupled with her abnormal sleeping habits, I think it is a safe bet that she is badly lacking in physical exercise.

She does not stick to regularly meal times as a habit and when she does have some meal, which may be at any odd time, it would invariably be a meal rich in greasy and unhealthy fats. Our bodies unfortunately cannot cope effectively with the processing of intakes of high levels of such unhealthy food. It is very important that we take in only the types of foods that our body systems can process and assimilate easily. It is not that all types of fats are bad for our systems. You should educate yourself to differentiate between the types of fats that our bodies need for our bodily energy requirements (though not in excessive quantities), and the types of fats that are bad for us. Fats that are bad are fats that our bodies cannot process; and that get accumulated within our bodies as waste and sometimes-toxic products. It is quite natural for unprocessed fats to accumulate and get stored in the regions of hip and thighs in women, whereas in men, they get deposited in the regions of their bellies and thighs. These give rise to the phenomena of the Reiter trousers and the so-called floating ring.

Why excess unwanted fat gets deposited in men and women differently is due to the nature of their respective connective tissues. Men are known to have stronger connective tissue than women, and the skin in the area of the abdomen of women is very much more elastic than in men; a characteristic that is consistent with women to be able to have children.

When you feel unfit and out of sorts, it is always good to go to your doctor for a medical check up. But don’t let it rest at that as my girlfriend does! What is more important is that you heed the doctor’s advice to ensure that you keep your precious body in topping condition!

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