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We need to sound off our overweight and our desire to reduce and maintain an ideal weight. We can have many healthy diets to choose from. Every year there are new diets and diet products that get added on to this ever increasing list. Many diets are similar. Either they have less fat, less carbohydrates or fewer calories; or may even have a combination of more than one option.

What happens to most people is that they try to solve their overweight problem overnight, and when it does not materialize, they tamely give up in frustration. You must appreciate that the metabolisms of all human beings is not the same and that different individuals require different periods of time to adjust to varying physical conditions. Change does not come that easy. We should learn firstly to exercise patience and give ourselves more time, provided we are satisfied that we are doing it the correct way. If others are shedding weight by 30, 40, 50 kilos, there is no reason why we can’t. It is only a matter of trying hard enough.

What can we do in order to permanently lose a few pounds? How will we get the right diet for us? Firstly, it is important that you take your goals into account above your natural preferences. If we wish to shed only a few pounds just before the holidays so that we could wear our summer clothes to look better on us, we can try one of several crash diet programs available. There are different packages to reduce from around 3 to 6 pounds a week. There is, for example, the pineapple diet, potato and another very popular diet in the Cabbage Soup diet. The cabbage soup diet is primarily a soup of cabbage and a variety of other vegetables. If we persist with this soup only, to the extent of eating nothing else, we will have to limit it to a maximum of one week at a time because it is a diet so lacking in protein and carbohydrates that could give rise to malnutrition if practiced over too long periods. However, since it is a delicious, low calorie soup, it is a good addition to any diet.

Then, there are the diets lacking or poor in carbohydrates, like the South Beach Diet or Dr. Pape’s “Slim while you sleep” Diet. According to Dr. Pape’s underlying principle, the food is eaten especially in the mornings comprising of such diets as bread with jam and Nutella; and mostly with protein with vegetables and salad for lunch and dinner. Very good achievements have been made with this easy diet. The restrictions are mainly in the evenings; and many overweight people find it difficult to manage at the currently restricted level of just 3 meals a day, whereas previously the norm had been 5 meals a day.

If you lose some weight only temporarily and regain weight again, or in other words, if you fail to maintain an ideal body weight on a permanent basis, you should attempt a diet conversion. Switch to diets comprising low fat, lean meat and lots of vegetables and fruits. They are the major components of a healthy diet. A change of diet can help overweight people, especially those who are inclined to eat too much of sweet and fatty foods. Many people are unaware that they are having bad eating habits or they simply refuse to accept that they don’t eat a well-balanced healthy diet. Such people could benefit from a frank and open consultation on this topic with their respective physicians.

There need not be any forbidden foods as such, as long as you do everything in moderation. Straying into sinful areas of eating habits occasionally may be allowed; and don’t decline invitations to sumptuous meals or deprive yourself of visits to a restaurant or hotel for an occasional meal out. Cultivate a health conscious mind and your body weight will look after itself.


  1. Where can I get a copy of Dr. Pape’s diet. My brother in law lost a lot of weight on this diet in Germany. I am having problems translating into English.

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