Fear of the Dentist

Honestly, who’s not afraid of the dentist? Maybe, there are quite a lot; but only to a very insignificant level, except for those who suffer from Dental Phobia.

There are many people that suffer from dental phobia than you would imagine it possible. There are two types of dental phobia or “scared rabbit”.

They are:
(i)   Afraid of the dentist, but still they go out when absolutely necessary.
(ii)  The fear of the dentist is so bad, that they can never go to a dentist.

The first group somehow overcomes their fear to some extent as to dare to go to the dentist. They and their teeth benefit as a result. However, the fear of the second group towards dentists is so intense, that they can never overcome their fear to go to a dentist. So they take various types of medicines they think will be a remedy for their tooth problem without consulting a dentist and very often end up by making their problem worse. Such types are classic examples of people suffering from dental phobia.

Very few people in our society are aware that there is such a disease or a psychological phenomenon as dental phobia. Here are a few characteristics of such people, from which you may be able to recognize those who are victims of this unfortunate phobia:

  • Fear of the syringe
  • Fear of the drill or the noise it makes
  • Fear to relate personal and intimate problems to others; especially to strangers
  • A sense of shame to show one’s teeth to a dentist because of their very bad condition
  • Lack of trust in the dentist

Very often, such fears can be traced back to traumatic experience suffered during childhood. But what really matters is how one can get over this fear to go to a dentist when you are really in need of it, since these fears are mostly imaginary and unfounded.  As a possible solution to this problem, some dentists offer anesthesia before treating their “patients” to make these dental phobia patients more sedate and controllable. However, anesthesia is a highly expensive option.

One of the best treatments for sufferers from dental phobia or dentist phobia is for them to repeatedly tell to their inner consciousness that through a baseless fear inherent in them, they are eventually blowing up their dental problems out of proportion quite unnecessarily; when with a little more of realism and common sense they could easily nip these problems in the bud and retain a nice set of teeth to smile with.

If you are one who is suffering from this phobia, as simple as it may seem, the first step in combating this fear is to realize and admit to yourself that you are suffering from this fear. Keep on telling yourself  “The longer I do not go to the dentist, the worse the condition of my teeth I will make. And someday, the day X, when I must go anyway, because my pain is so unbearable, I may have to stand before the door of the dentist that I do not trust with nothing but my broken and decayed teeth”

If you now realize what harm you are doing yourself through an imaginary, unfounded fear, make up your mind very strongly that you will face up to realities and go to the dentist because it can do you no harm, but only good for your teeth. When that appointed date at last dawns, do not let that familiar fear overcome you once again. Defeat that fear once and for all and go to the dentist’s door with a brave smile. Go in the consciousness that this man, the Dentist will take good care of you and your teeth.

It is only the first time that you will have to make such a valiant effort to do this little bit for your own good. After that, every visit to the dentist would be a big relief to relieve yourself of an unwanted toothache, or a bad tooth, or maybe to turn around a tooth that otherwise would go bad. You will feel both proud and glad that you successfully overcame Dental Phobia.

Even if you entertain a little bit of uneasiness or feel a trace of that old fear creeping in on you again, have the confidence that it can no longer dominate you, and that now you are your own master. Unpack it and trust yourself! That fear will have no place in you and it would have to run through the back door. Congratulate yourself that you have won and rid yourself of the dreaded dental phobia for good. And that is a very sublime feeling.

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