Living with Hear Loss

If you have been diagnosed permanent hear loss, you need to cope with new life conditions.

It’s a sad fact, but hearing loss interferes in everyday life making even simplest things you’ve done earlier automatically much more complicated. On the other hand, there are millions of people worldwide who have the same problem and they still live at their full. The following preparations will help you to forget about your hearing problems.

First, your aim is to delete communication barrier. The majority of people with hearing loss mention it’s the inability to understand what the others say that fears them the most. Our luck, electronics manufacturers do not forget about people with hearing problems and so they offer various gadgets that help to destroy the barrier that is built by hearing loss.

Today hearing devices are small, light and comfortable. In addition to their main function of transferring sounds to your brain, today’s hearing devices have a series of nice additions like built-in radio receiver or special telephone receivers that help to reduce the noise and make telephone conversations easier. These gadgets that are also known as ALDs (assistive listening devices) are not used by all patients with hear loss and your doctor may suggest other solution. ALDs are usually used when patients have severe forms of hear loss and have difficulties with other forms of communication. These hearing devices allow reducing or even totally solving communication problems.

ADL is a final solution for patients with hearing loss. Previously to it your doctor may offer other suggestions like lip reading or learning sign language. Even in our era of digital technologies there are still people who prefer these forms of communication.

Lip reading is very effective if your hear loss is not severe one. Sign language steadily looses its popularity as the person you’re talking to should also know it, so you will need to learn it with your family members and later speak with its help. If you decide to learn sign language or lip reading, your local hospital may have special trainer who will teach you.

Finally, do not forget to visit your doctor periodically. Nowadays medicine never stops and new forms of treatments appear every six months-year. Hearing loss is no exception and today a series of medical researches are conducted in order to create drugs that would repair auditory canal.

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