Aromatherapy Application

Aromatherapy refers to the controlled use of essential oils to their own and the health of others and to the body, mind and soul that influence our body in a positive way.


Aromatherapy is the treatment of mood disorders and illnesses, with essential oils. It is part of Phytotherapy (herbal medicine) and partly complementary medical practices. The European legislature has defined the aroma therapists who are in possession of the permit to the professional pursuit of the healing activity – i.e. doctors and naturopaths. The use of fragrances in private households has long become common practice, although rarely the word aromatherapy is used for: Cold baths, massage oils and fragrance lamps are examples. Aromatherapy is also used as a complementary extension to the Whirlpool offer. The heated water will be added with fragrances created by the constant circulation by pump nozzles especially well during taking a bath.

Fragrances generally can be used in different ways on the human body:

  •      * The sense of smell is raised, leading to a sensory perception with all the associated side effects (feeling of feeling, memory, reflexive influence various body functions, etc.). An example is the Aromatherapy Massage: It is the most important method of aroma therapists in the field of alternative health care. Much of this was influenced by the application Frenchwoman Marguerite Maury: They investigated the effect of flavor when they applied it to the skin. This requires knowledge of anatomy and massage as well as on the characteristics of individual essential oils.
  •      * After ingestion or inhalation of essential oils, it can also have a direct effect on the institutions. For example, lavender oil is calming effect, thyme activating, Jasminol highly stimulating, orange and lemon to brighten the mood.
  •      * “Biological antibiosis”: Some essential oils have antibiotic properties, which make them good for the prophylaxis and treatment of infections. In addition to pure essential oils are suitable for certain herbs and spices, like thyme, sage and lemon balm. Particularly often, this form of therapy used in the treatment of colds, which in addition to the oral ingestion especially targeted inhalation, as well as an enrichment of room air through evaporation are suitable.
  •      * It is also possible to directly use oils (with caution) or diluted (2% mixture to a carrier oils such as olive oil) on the skin are provided. Essential oils, in pure form on the skin can include, for example, lemon (for warts) or lavender (shown in burns / fire bubbles very good effect), Immortelle also be applied to a wound wounds, and healing-accelerating effect. Active ingredients of essential oils used in massage shows after 15 minutes in the urine of the treated person.

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