Wrinkle – for the Young at Heart

A Wrinkle serves to smooth the skin on the face and neck. The main customers of these are mostly outpatient treatment who is primarily women with age wrinkles, crow’s feet, wrinkles and folds thinkers through sunbathing, cigarette and alcohol consumption. For some time one can enjoy sub-wrinkle sprays that are also particularly popular among men. Preparations depend on the type of facial wrinkles.

Botox – highly toxic folding killer

Botox (Full: botulinum toxin) is a nerve poison and was feared in the past as a life ender. It has been proved effective in the late 80s in the use of forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet, unlike in the nose and mouth area where Botox-changing effect on the face can have a lot. Meanwhile, the U.S. imported at their own risk the “Botox parties” where friends and colleagues in local areas buy from beauty doctors that “serve” these products. While in Europe, they are enjoying brisk sales. This Botox Wrinkle holds 4-6 months.

Collagen – is in crisis since the BSE

Collagen is the traditional wrinkle, which has more than 25 years applied all together. This is the body’s own, or bovine or porcine derived collagen used for smaller wrinkles and acne scars, or even offset by contours to stress (e.g., lips). Collagen foreign (especially from such cattle), however, can cause allergies. A testing is therefore needed. Collagen has a durability effect of 6-12 months.

My body Alternatives

Fewer treatments are known by poly-lactic acid, a fully synthetic substance, which after several sessions may hold for up to one year. Positive: There is no risk of allergy.

Hyaluronic acid, a biotechnology-produced drug, carries a low risk of allergy, is varied and can be applied by the body to be completely eliminated. The effect of the wrinkle, however, only holds up to four months.

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