Segment Therapy, an Alternative Healing Method

Medicine has reached quite a high level by now, as we are able to perform the most complicated surgeries and successfully treat a number of diseases that have been a mortal danger to hundreds of thousands of people up until very recently. However, there are still a lot of us who turn to alternative methods of treatment for a variety of reasons, including lack of access to formal medical care or money to afford one. One of the methods that have been slowly gaining a certain amount of popularity is segment therapy.

Segment therapy is a method of pain treatment by injecting local painkillers into one’s skin or superficial tissue layers. This therapy is considered to be well-working for joint, muscle, connective tissue and internal organs conditions, and may be applied directly to the aching zone, around certain trigger points or segmental, thus producing anti-inflammatory and circulation-stimulating effect.

In Studies

A number of academic studies of segment therapy as a treatment method were conducted by American scientists in the 1990s. Around the conditions when it is supposed to be the most applicable and effective are allergy, infections and inflammation. It has also been suggested that segment therapy may have a positive effect when dealing with contractures and spasticity, as analgesic influence on a certain segment of our locomotor system may lead to pain relief without disturbing the whole system with strong medicine. Some studies propose presence of a thin called segmental reflex that might be responsible for such an effect. However, no extensive long-term research has been performed regarding this hypothesis.

In Practice

At the same time, certain medical centers now promote and perform segment therapy as a healing method. For example, Rozsakert Medical Center located in Budapest, Hungary, offers segment therapy as a kind of a wider medical practice called neural therapy. As parts of this practice interference field therapy and ‘major’ neural therapy are also named, the latter being ‘treatment of ganglia and autonomous nervous system’, as their site states. Altogether with segment therapy application of this healing method is claimed to provide noticeable pain relief or even total eradication of it, along with instant muscles relaxation and disintegration of the interfering block in case of interference field therapy application.


Among the major conditions where neural therapy, and segment therapy respectively as a part of it can be applied, are migraines and headaches, disc pains, muscles pains, chronic neck pain, acute and chronic sinusitis, hip, knee or leg pain, including the one caused by sports traumas, etc. It is also claimed to be suitable for almost everyone and resulting into no unpleasant side effect or treatment complications. In the long-term, segment therapy is believed to significantly help in establishing normal work of an affected area on a regular basis and restoring our natural regulation mechanisms.

To conclude, even though segment therapy is quite a promising healing method as well as a good alternative for people suffering from heavy chronic pains doctors are unable to permanently treat yet (like migraines), it is not recommended to turn to it without thorough consideration and consultation with your doctor.

Please bear in mind that information presented here can be used for educational purposes only and do not try anything without professional medical advice.

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