Fitness boot camp for women

In the modern, urban lifestyle people often forget to take care of their health. As a result they suffer from much health related problems. Obesity is now globally accepted as a harbinger for many ailments like – blood pressure, cardiac problem etc. People are slowly realizing that staying in shape is not just a priority for sportspersons, models and movie stars, but for everyone.

Fitness boot camp is an interesting new concept. It is fitness program and vacation rolled into one. On one hand there is grueling physical exercise and on the other hand there are all the modern amenities that you can enjoy while spending your days over there. There is some boot camp, especially designed for women as women treat obesity as a serious problem far more than men.

You will find many that claim to be the ideal boot camps for women. But most of the time they fail to deliver the level of service they claim in ads. Thus, your time and money neither are nor properly utilized. Boot camps UK is a top class weight loss camp for women. The sessions are generally 5 or 7 days long, but a participant can ask to stay a few days more. The daily physical activities in the boot camp UK generally include:

  1. Morning physical training
  2. Team sports
  3. Hiking
  4. Boxing
  5. Mountain Biking
  6. Stretcher runs
  7. Circuit training
  8. Fartlek training
  9. Interval training
  10. ETM
  11. Aqua Aerobics ( optional)

If you are wondering why to select boot camp UK over other such weight loss camp, then there are plenty of reasons to consider:

  • Minimum Weight loss record of almost 10 lbs.
  • Learn about healthy nutrition
  • Experienced trainers and instructors
  • Luxury accommodation
  • One of the most trusted and longest running camps
  • Winner of awards and recognized by the media
  • Reasonable cost
  • Branch outside UK

If you want to make your Fitness boot camp experience more exciting and exotic, then you can visit the abroad branch of the camp at boot camp Spain. It is located only 30 minutes away from Malaga airport. The picturesque surrounding and the modern facilities will make your stay at the Spain boot camp unforgettable. Apart from the same level of physical activity from its UK counterpart, there are other great facilities available:

  1. Swimming pool
  2. Spa treatment
  3. Central air conditioning
  4. Sauna
  5. Tennis court
  6. Wi-Fi connectivity

The cost of the trip is designed to give you value for money. There are no hidden or spot charges. The price quoted will include everything:

  • Comfortable Accommodation
  • Transport to and from the airport
  • All meals, snacks and drinks
  • Up to 10 hours a day of physical activity
  • All training equipment
  • You will also be given spare time to enjoy personally

If you are interested then contact them today because the course can accommodate only 20 women at a time. Otherwise you will have to wait to get a date. Walk in these weight loss camp and walk out fitter and healthier than ever.

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