Possible Dangers of Childhood Obesity

Many parents think if their child has good appetite, this is simply wonderful and find nothing serious in slowly increasing weight.

Other part of parents think their baby eats too little and try to make their son or daughter eat more. We all know good appetite is one of signs of normal body functioning, but is overeating healthy? The answer is clear. Overeating and thus obesity can cause numerous problems to your child and you.

Overweight is one of biggest health problems in America. We all know eating fat food is not good and we also know fast food is unhealthy, but many of us still continue eating it. Some people try to decrease the amount of fat they eat, but quite often such diet just increases the intake of sugar and carbohydrates. Also it can make you feel hungry faster than usually and so you in result you will eat more.

If adults can cope with obesity and not all overweighted people have health problems, our children are more sensitive to obesity and are thus more likely to develop health problems. Extra weight increases cholesterol and blood pressure. These problems are considered to be “adult” ones and rarely affect children with normal weight. What is the danger of high cholesterol or high blood pressure? These two conditions may be not dangerous at a glance, but they are major reasons for developing type 2 diabetes and heart diseases.

Type 2 diabetes is an adult disease that has never affected children earlier. This disease is known as non insulin dependent diabetes. If not cured properly, a patient may develop resistance to insulin that causes serious limitations to everyday life. Obesity is the main reason for this disease. Today more than 25% of children in America suffer from obesity.

The second most wide spread health problem among children with obesity is asthma. Boys are affected more often than girls. Asthma can appear even if your child doesn’t have any allergy. Obese children are always harder to cure as they need more medication than children with normal weight.

Do not forget about such thing as psychology. Today we live in a cult of thin and trained body. Underweighted female models and muscular men are a real source of depression to easily affected teenagers causing low self-esteem and even eating disorders like bulimia.

It’s necessary to try to keep your child away from obesity as this way you help to prevent many possible problems.

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