How to Properly Use Antibiotics on Children?

Occasionally the immune system cannot respond fast enough to outpace the rate of invading bacteria reproduction, or the bacteria may produce toxin chemicals so rapidly that they cause some damages before the immune system can respond adequately. When this happens, antibiotic drugs help your body kill off the bad bacteria without attacking the body’s own cells. Different kinds of antibiotic work on different kinds of bacteria.  But unfortunately antibiotics do not kill viruses.

If your child is prescribed with an antibiotic, the drug should exterminate all the bad bacteria within 5-10 days. Your child will feel a lot better in just a day or two since the antibiotic stamps out the majority of the target bacteria very quickly.  Even though he feels better by then, your child should finish up the antibiotic prescription in order to prevent the ailment to recur.

Although antibiotics may be great lifesavers, overuse of these antibiotics is a potential problem. Occasionally bacteria mutate (modify their genetic structure) and are able to withstand the antibiotic. These bacteria then multiply, the disease changes, and the antibiotics become completely ineffective in eradicating that disease in everybody. This process is called as antibiotic resistance, and it is a large concern among many doctors, who are now much more careful in their antibiotics prescriptions.

If antibiotics worked great the first time for a chronic infection your children contracted, but not on the second occurrence, the real reason is not that the child has become immune and resistant to the antibiotic effects. It is the bacteria and not the child mutates! This also means that if an antibiotic has not worked for your sweetheart in the past does not mean it will not work in the future.

A lot of infections are self-limiting – the child’s immune system repulses the invasion on its own in just a few days. If the cause of a sickness is a virus infection, the antibiotics will not do any good.

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