How Toys Can Harm Your Child’s Health

It’s not a matter of question our children need toys. Toys entertain, toys develop, toys help to explore surrounding nature. But are toys always safe?

We usually buy dolls, games or teddy bears without a thought this piece of plastic or plush can harm our precious baby. However, this is not always so and not all toys are safe for children.

The smaller your baby is, the more attention you should pay to toys you buy. It sounds like a nightmare, but today we definitely cannot choose a toy judging by its look! The sad truth is, sometimes toys can be deadly for children.

When you plan to buy a toy, first look at the recommended age that is indicated on the package. This is not just a mention, but a good advice as toys for children of 10-12 years can contain small parts, magnets, etc. Toys for children of 2-3 should be done of huge parts only as children in this age just learn to live in this world and they can swallow small details.

There was a chain of scandals recently devoted to the problem of children’s toys. Independent researches found harmful tinges in paints that were used to color the toys. As children frequently put toys to their mouth, this means they steadily poison themselves by these toys and so such doll or soldier is not just an entertainer, but a source of harm and danger in the hands of your child. This particularly concerns imported toys, especially those that are made in Asian counties.

If you are not sure, whether the toy you like is safe or no, consider purchasing a toy that you know from your childhood. For example, you’re going to buy a toy soldier and you are not sure about plastic one you like, put it back on shelf and buy a wooden one instead.

Lead paint is also dangerous for our kids as when it comes to our system, a series of specific actions need to be taken to remove it from our body. By the way, famous Mattel had to recall several millions of toys due to defects in its toys and lead paint. The majority of its dolls are made in China.

There’s no need to say you should be extra attentive if you buy a toy for a toddler. Each year thousands of children are brought to hospitals by their parents with toy-related injuries. Keep in mind you cannot buy anything small for a toddler. Plastic or wooden cubes, teddy bears or other plush toys will not only entertain your child but also make you stop worrying it can be hurt.

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