What Is Impotence?

Under impotence (medically known as erectile dysfunction) is an illness in which a man is not capable of having an erection, in order to have sexual intercourse with the opposite sex. Judging by official studies it is almost one in five men affected by impotence. Impotence occurs at a higher age, also occurs frequently. So are 20-year-old male impotence of the disease almost never affected. At the age of 30 you will experience a portion of the men first symptoms.

According to the latest research, 30 to 50 percent over the 40-year-olds at least are vulnerable from the disease suffered from impotence. Impotence is not an illness which only a minority meets, but is a common disease for men. Unfortunately, the issue is still a taboo in our not so very open society. Impotence is rarely talked about. Affected men feel unmanly and get problems with their self-esteem. In fact only 10 to 20 percent of men seek help from a doctor.

Although impotence can be treated very well today. There are both herbal natural resources as well as advanced medications available. The cost for the treatment contributes to health insurance, because impotence is not only a disturbance, but a recognized disease. Impotence is also a warning signal for many diseases. One should therefore at the first signs of impotence to seek a qualified doctor, because its the only way the exact cause of impotence can be determined.

In summary, one can say that impotence is a widespread disease but relatively well treated. As with almost any disease it also applies here as quickly as possible, a qualified doctor can make the necessary tests needed and prescribe an appropriate therapy.

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