Life Without Pimples – Gentle Help against Acne

Beautiful, clean, smooth and healthy skin – the film star look that everyone dreams of. But for many young people, the first thing that they notice when they look in the mirror is blackheads and and pimples. The facial skin, skin on the chest and back clearly show the onset of acne.

Acne is a very common disease of the skin and manifests itself, in addition to oily skin, with pimples, pustules and blackheads. The occurrence of pain will be sporadic, but more than that, the reactions of fellow human beings will be hurtful and offending often. Young people with acne and pimples suffer greatly, which also affects their sensitivities in life.

Acne usually occurs due to increased production of sebum that occurs because of hormonal transition of the body during puberty. The accumulation of so-called sebum gives rise to Propioni soil bacteria, leading to inflammation and suffering. Normalization of sebum production will occur only when the body gets accustomed to the changed hormone balance. Oily cosmetics, certain medicines, chemicals and environmental toxins are also suspected to be the causes for pimples to arise.

In order to avoid the worst, the German Green Cross gentle skin care recommends:

  • To avoid blockage of skin pores, wash it with lukewarm water several times a day. Using detergents that are mild disinfectants, soap, or sensitive skin washing lotions remove fat without eliminating the skin’s natural protective cover.

For the skin:

  • Moisturizers and sunscreens without oil additive should be used.
  • General rule: avoid squeezing and pressing clear of pimples and blackheads! It only becomes worse often, as the problem gets deeper into the skin layers and stays put. Even bacteria are more likely to be disturbed due to improper treatment. This may result in serious illness. Therefore, it is better to let a doctor or a trained beautician remove blackheads. Furthermore, take instructions from care professionals in selecting an appropriate type of make-up.

In short:

  • Inflamed skin soothing compresses or masks (chamomile, healing earth).
  • Sunbathing brings most soothing effect on acne. Prolonged UV irradiation, however, is not recommended because the formation of new pimples may occur with extensive sunbathing. In the worst case, a kind of allergic reaction to sunscreen or cosmetics will lead to the so-called Mallorca acne.
  • A balanced and varied diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables has a positive effect on the skin tone. Equally important is adequate drinking of water (two to two and a half liters daily); mineral water and diluted fruit juices are really the best diet.

“Nothing Helps Against Acne…!” is not true. Anyone with a long time problem of acne, skin blemishes or severe inflammation and suffering should get the attention of a dermatologist. If the acne treated, one has a good chance to come out with a clean skin. Teenagers with acne may experience emotional frustration while standing in front of a mirror; they may see a specialist to avoid permanent acne scars. The doctor will treat acne using a number of medications that are available. The type of medications will depend on the severity of acne.

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