Acne – Violations of the Skin

Almost every young person in adolescence suffer the nuisance of pimples and bad skin sooner or later. Adults also suffer from the unsightly skin disease more often. This problem will not occur due to any inadequate cleaning, and is some of skin disease that is to be investigated. Some are lucky and get away with a few pustules on cheek or forehead. Others, however, suffer from deeper problem called acne.

At first, some common mistakes are to be corrected about how take care of this problem. By squeezing and pressing the affected skin, people make the problem even worse. This results in acne scars on the skin, some of which may become serious. It depends on the type and the elasticity of the skin. Acnes leave ugly scars on the skin even though they may fade with age.

But Acne can be treated nowadays. Patients who are having severe form of this disease and who are depressed and unhappy can now get good treatment. There are a number of medical facilities for treatment of acne scars, though they are costly. An injection, for example, stimulates the production of connective tissue. However, this method is still not very successful and it costs 70 Euros per session. Traditional treatment is known the method of micro-derma-abrasion. It uses a tiny, fine sandblaster in addition with a suction device to propel minute crystals across the skin the removes the dead skin. The treatment is painless and takes about 90 minutes and costs 100 Euros.

The finances for these and numerous other methods should be available. The most important thing to remember is that the pimples and treated at the right time with the care of their own and without leaving any scars on the skin.

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