Drug Allergy Self Care

If you have been diagnosed drug allergy, from now on you have to live with it. Certainly, most of the time you will not need to worry about your hypersensitivity to certain drugs, but it doesn’t mean you can forget about your health state. Doctors usually recommend wearing special bracelet or pendant that indicates you have drug allergies. Don’t hesitate to wear it as such Medic Alert bracelets can even save your life in some emergency cases. If you prefer not to wear it, make sure you tell medical staff you have drug allergy when you’re going to receive any type of health or dental care.

Patients who have been discovered drug allergies should know the situation when they may develop an allergic reaction may arise thus they should be prepared to it. Drug allergy self care implies a series of actions need to be taken in case of need.

If you see the signs of drug allergy, such as skin reactions and hives, and you have a mild allergy, then you can solve this problem by yourself without visiting your doctor. Don’t make any physical exercises and try to move less. Cool shower or cool compress is a good idea as well. Also try to wear some light clothes that cannot cause irritation. If the signs of allergic reaction persist, you can add some medical help in the form of special lotions (like calamine) or use non prescription antihistamine medications. You can buy drugs like Benadryl in any pharmacy. Note these drugs may make you drowsy.

If you have been discovered moderate to severe drug allergy, do not try to remove the symptoms of allergic reaction by yourself as this can be dangerous. Contact your doctor right away or call 911 I case you get the symptoms of anaphylaxis. The only thing you can do in this case is to prevent future symptoms worsening. You need to take 1-2 Benadryl tables and in case you notice difficulty breathing, bronchodilators (for example, Provientil) should be applied too.

It’s important to stay patient in this situation and not to panic as this increases the possibility of worsening your reaction. Some patients notice they are about to faint when they have a drug allergy reaction. If you feel light-headed, call emergency and wait for it laying with your legs higher then your head. This position increases blood flow in your brains and lessens chance of fainting.

When emergency arrives, provide medical personnel with information concerning type of your allergic reaction and name drugs you’re allergic to.

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