Positive Body Image – Steps You Can Take To Reach It

Everybody should strive for a positive body image. This means you know yourself, who you are and have a true insight into your size, shape and weight. You view and accept yourself as you really are today, whether or not you’re overweight, as well as believing in and loving yourself. A positive body image keeps you from obsessing about weight, food and exercise. You are comfortable in your body and proud of it. Those who have binge eating disorders often suffer from a negative body image and see very distorted images of themselves. Here are six ways to create a positive body image for yourself.

1. Make a list of people that you admire. Include why you admire each one and take notice of what characteristics you are including.

As an example, imagine that you admire Oprah. The list of characteristics you admire about her might include her generosity, willingness to support her beliefs, and the fact that she strived to be successful regardless of her background. You don’t admire her looks. You admire Oprah because of the difference she has made, her contributions to society and the fact that she has changed so many lives for the better.

2. Remember a time when you felt good about yourself.

Look back over your life and think of a time when you didn’t have any issues with your body. This could be in high school or college, but whenever it was close your eyes and remember how it felt. Let the good feelings radiate throughout yourself.

3. Make a list of what you currently like about yourself.

Write down everything you currently like about yourself on a piece of paper, including your legs, eyebrows, smile, hair, or anything else. The purpose is to focus on the good instead of the bad and to start appreciating the good. This will make you feel better overall.

4. Pay attention to how you carry yourself when you walk.

Are you always looking at the ground with your head down? Are your shoulders slumped? Hold your head high, walk with those shoulders held back and start making eye contact with people!

5. Begin an exercise program.

Start off slow if it’s been awhile since you’ve exercised. Walking outside on a nice day is a good way to begin. Once you are used to exercising you need to keep it up and vary your routine to keep yourself from becoming bored. Exercise helps you to feel good about yourself even if you don’t do it for very long each day. Start off slow and work your way up.

6. Spend time with positive people.

Look at the people you are closest with and determine if they’re positive or negative people. You’ll tend to reflect the negative attitudes, which will make you feel bad about and focus on the qualities you don’t like about yourself, so you should limit the amount of time you spend with these people.

Once you’ve begun to accept and feel good about yourself you’ll notice changes occurring. Learn to be on your side instead of always being against yourself. Keep your shoulders Put your shoulders back and quit thinking about what you’re not.  Love the person you are and the person that you are becoming.

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