Pilates Exercises Have Many Benefits

No matter who you are, you’ve most likely heard about Pilates Exercise. Stretching and strengthening your body is the principle behind Pilates Exercise, which is why it’s very popular with professionals who need this skill (such as ballet dancers).

Even though Pilates can be used to physically improve yourself, it isn’t a cardiovascular exercise. It’s an exercise that’s low intensity. Most Pilates teachers recommend that you combine it with aerobics and other types of exercise.

Joseph Pilates, a German National, wanted a self exercise and developed Pilates Exercise to meet that need. He used exercise to improve his body because he was born fragile, sickly and asthmatic. Joseph was arrested in France as an “enemy alien” when he was older and was assigned to the medical facilities in the prison where he was kept. He put Pilates to use rehabilitating sick people in these medical facilities.

Since the time when Joseph first put Pilates to use, these exercises have become known for improving the overall physical state of the body. Pilates combines breathing techniques, stretching and a simple machine to improve the body’s core (abdomen, back and buttocks). Many people believe that Pilates is overall more effective than Yoga because it improves posture, strength and flexibility. The machines used in Pilates, are there to challenge the body, by making it stay in certain positions while moving the other parts in differing directions, thereby training the body to endure strain, thus increasing strength.

The main philosophy behind Pilates Exercise is using the body’s mental ability to improve movement, efficiency and muscle control. This also helps to improve your mental state and posture. Because of the exercises you must complete, Pilates develops the back and abdomen muscles, further promoting good posture.

Mental focus is also increased by Pilates because it incorporates breathing techniques. One of Pilates biggest focuses is increasing the flexibility and strength of your muscles. For these reasons Pilates is very popular among dancers.

Its supporters testify to the effectiveness of Pilates. Regular classes cause the body to be well balanced and increases strength. Supporters also claim that they can instantly feel a difference after each workout.

People aim for both strength and weight loss when they complete Pilates workouts. Pilates provides even more benefits by increasing your energy level, helping you have more endurance and flexibility, providing good stomach workouts, and increasing your overall physical well being.

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