How to Build Ab Muscles Fast and Flaunt Your Six Pack

Why you do not have “killer abs” or that “6 pack” Abdominal Muscles?

Most women, when asked, will say that a man’s six pack abs are the sexiest part of their body. A lot of people consider abs as a sexy muscle that symbolizes a fit man. A fit and healthy man automatically draws women because it is a primitive indication that the man is strong enough to protect her and her brood. However, a lot of men will never get to see themselves with six pack abs. To find out why, keep reading.

Although you may not like what I’m about to say, I’m going to say it anyway. You might do a million crunches each day, then another million leg raises. However, as long as a layer of fat is covering your stomach you’ll never see six pack abs because they’re covered by that layer of fat. As a matter of fact, because you’ll be adding muscles beneath the fat your midsection will actually grow in size. Doing crunches without also doing something to remove the fat will cause you to have a bigger waistline and bigger love handles. Understand something else right now: spot reduction doesn’t work. To get those six pack abs you’ve always wanted, all you have to do is abdominal exercises and something to get rid of the fat.

You’ve probably seen TV commercials or magazine ads which try to make you believe that gadgets and gizmos can give you six pack abs. Do you believe it’s really that simple? If it were, then everybody would already have well defined abs as a result of using these things. However, this just isn’t so.

There is only one way to permanently and effectively lose fat and uncover six pack abs. Eat a somewhat caloric restrictive diet, perform regular cardiovascular workouts and engage in muscle building strength training. These things will increase your metabolism and cause you to lose weight and burn fat naturally. If even one of these three elements are missing or done incorrectly you will not be able to achieve your goals. Here are the three elements repeated again:

  1. A somewhat caloric restrictive diet which will help you lose weight.
  2. Regular cardiovascular workouts which will exercise your heart and lungs while also helping you burn fat.
  3. Muscle building strength training which will permanently burn fat because muscles use more calories for energy. This will also provie you with a well toned body.

Forget about the fad diets and forget about the fat loss pills. Although these things might initially work, in the long run they are bound to fail.

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