The Importance of Regularly Washing Your Hands

We all grew up with our parents and kindergarten teachers scolding us if we did not wash our hands. We all listened to endless stories about how important it is to have clean hands. But did we really learn our lesson?

Studies show that, in fact, not that many people actually wash their hands on a regular basis. People are lazy or they simply forget. However, washing our hands is as important when we grow up as it was when we were kids. We are still very much exposed to bacteria and germs. Just think about public transportation, cafeterias, your office building, etc. We touch many objects that have been touched by thousands of people before us. And a large number of those people do not wash their hands regularly, yet most of them sneeze, cough, touch their pets and use the toilet.

Correct hand washing habits can have far-reaching consequences, from preventing common colds to much more serious diseases. Dirty hands can cause oily hair, blemishes on your face and a whole range of other diseases and inconveniences. Moreover, it can cause you financial problems, because you will miss days from work and spend your money on products to cure your diseases. Convinced yet? Well, how about the fact that you can come home from work and spread the germs you picked up during the day on to your family members? If you have small children or are around older persons, it especially important that you have correct hand washing habits. Furthermore, children usually imitate the actions of adults; hence, you must pass proper habits on to your children.

There are some tricks you can use to ensure that you really remove all the germs from your hands. Choose good soaps that are proven to eliminate most germs. Never opt for cheap soaps that only cleanse your hands superficially. What is the point of washing your hands if the germs are going to stay there? If you are worried that the public toilets you use do not have quality soaps, then consider buying your own soap that you can carry in your purse or coat pocket. Also, there are great products for “dry cleansing” your hands. These are soaps that do not need to be rinsed out with water. These are especially helpful on long trips and in circumstances where public toilets are not widely available.

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