Special Prenatal Vitamins Promote Hair Growth

Experts in the skin therapy and hair follicles agree that the vitamins can promote hair growth from the “inside”. You should have faced the situation when you are using the best hair-growth products on the market, but the effect is either not visible at all, or minor. The answer to your problem is simple – taking special hair-growing vitamins. However, to nourish your hair, your body must have sufficient levels of these vitamins.

Studies held in Texas and published in 2016 have proved on the example of schoolchildren that the specific diet can promote and boost certain body functions, including hair growth and its health. When choosing hair products and vitamin complexes, pay special attention to the following:

Vitamin A (retinol) restores hair structure and enables their elasticity. It is especially useful if your hair is dry and breaks easily. As for the natural products, Vitamin A is contained in fish liver, butter and egg yolk. Greens contain beta-carotene, which is transformed unto Vitamin A in a human body. As Vitamin A is dissolved in fat, it is better to take these products with vegetable (olive or sunflower) oil, or in the form of vitamins and vitamin complexes.

B-group vitamins provide strength and shine to your hair, they prevent excessive oil of hair: B1 and B12 vitamins help save your hair healthy, B8 vitamin prevents hair loss, B5 and B3 vitamins are the most important substances that are needed for a follicle growth. B9 vitamin prevents the occurrence of grey hair and helps at hair loss. Cereals and nuts are rich in B-group vitamins. According to the studies, the administration of B6 vitamin stimulates hair growth in men, and the absence of folic acid causes complete hair loss.

Biotin (vitamin H) is also very important and useful for hair growth and its structure. Biotin is present in many beans and rice. Usually, the so-called “magical” hair growth stimulators (shampoos and hair conditioners) contain much of Biotin, hence the “magical” effect occurs.

Vitamin E – The main function of vitamin E (tocopherol) is the transfer of blood oxygen and an increase in head blood circulation. Vitamin E strengthens the immune system of the body, thus improving hair health. Vitamin E is considered to be the vitamin mainly responsible for hair growth (loss) and contained in nuts, oil and sunflower seeds.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) may also be considered a vitamin responsible for hair growth, as it regulates functions of capillaries of the head, through which the blood gets to hair follicles, it strengthens the walls of vessels, protects hair from destruction and facilitates the absorption of iron. Vitamin C is present in citrus fruits, cabbage, sweet pepper and black currant.

Recent studies have determined that vitamin C improves the structure of stem cells and increases the survival, proliferation and hair-regenerative potential.

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