Best Foods for Healthy Teeth

The food we consume affects our teeth as soon as it appears in the mouth? Particular foods affect our teeth in a bad or good way. The bacteria in the mouth react with different foods you eat. This may lead to tooth decay. In fact, some foods don’t provoke tooth decay. As a matter of fact, bacteria converts sugar in acids by various reactions with food. The acid attacks tooth enamel, which triggers decaying process.

Foods Good for Teeth

Milk Products

Milk, cheese and yogurt are best food to keep your gums and teeth healthy. Such food coats the tooth enamel and protects it. Milk products are rich in phosphorus and calcium, which is helpful for remineralizing the teeth.

Fruits and Vegetables

Many vegetables and fruits with high water concentration are beneficial for teeth health. The water present in such foods dilutes the negative effects of sugars. Fruits and vegetables increase the saliva flow protecting the teeth against decay. Crunchy and firm vegetables and fruits are best choices. These include apples, pears, strawberries, etc. Among the crunchy vegetables we can name broccoli, carrots, sweet potato, celery, and pumpkin. Celery is particularly beneficial as it stimulates extra chewing, which cleans the teeth and massages the gums.


Drinking water, herbal teas promotes good teeth health. You may as well drink unsweetened tea. In fact, such teas are full of antioxidants, which do not allow plaque to adhere to the teeth reducing the risk of teeth diseases. These beverages are known to block the growth of bacteria.

Other Foods

Different meats and nuts are beneficial for healthy teeth. These foods are helpful in building the enamel. Onions are rich in antibacterial sulfur ingredients. Onions destroy various types of bacteria. This means that eating raw and fresh onions promotes healthy teeth.

Foods Bad for Teeth

Sugary foods and beverages are bad for teeth. People need sweets in limited portions to avoid gum and teeth problems. Choose sugar free products foods rather than those with natural sugars. Natural sugars react with bacteria and trigger the productions of acids responsible for causing tooth decay. It is easy to find sugar free products at the supermarket. Be sure you avoid natural sweeteners, because they damage the teeth.

Aside from foods, there are numerous factors which can cause teeth decay. Eating more frequently exposes the teeth to dangerous acids. It is recommended to brush the teeth twice or better after every meal. If it is impossible for you to clean the teeth after every meal, you should gargle your mouth. It is necessary to visit the dentist two times per year for a checkup and maintain proper oral hygiene for general teeth health.

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