How to Protect Yourself from the Flu. Health Tips

You hear cough and sneezes, and you realize – it’s already in the air. It seems there is not a single possibility to escape from it. It’s flu – a disease, we most often experience.

This disease caused by viruses is an extremely contagious. It produces chill, body aches, sore throat, fever and a diversity of respiratory problems. For infants and elder people, it can become a serious medical problem. That’s why it’s so important to protect your relatives and yourself against the flu, before you got the infection.

The first health tip is to get vaccinated. You should do it each season, no missing, no skipping, no excuses. The flu vaccine can protect you from three, the most widespread, strains of influenza. It can also milder your illness, if you will get any other flu virus. Vaccination is very important for people, who have risk for serious complications. This concerns pregnant women, children, people older than 60 years of age, people, who have some chronic disease like diabetes, asthma, lung or heart disease. If you are off this category, but you live with, or take care of people at risk, you must get vaccinated too.

The next advice is easy and well-known to every person, though not everyone uses it – wash your hands. Wash you hands often, thoroughly, with alcohol-based hand cleaners or antibacterial soap and warm water, scrub them at least for thirty seconds, then rinse carefully and dry with your individual clean towel.

Try to avoid contact with large groups of people or stay in crowded confined areas during influenza season. Limit, if possible, your contacts with sick people. If this is impossible – buy yourself a face mask. You can purchase this mask at any drugstore. A face mask will prevent the spread of flu germs by blocking particle spray or droplets that may be infected.

Never share your intimate items. This advice is always timely, but during the flu season it becomes especially important. Towels, beverage glasses, cigarettes, make-up – all these things can easily be contaminated with influenza virus. Avoid touching information blinders, magazines and books in public places. Have you ever seen how a person licks fingers to turn the page? Mind it! Try not to touch frequently used objects, like door handles in public places, with bare hands. Better use your handkerchief or sleeve.

Refrain from touching your nose, eyes or mouth. The influenza germs can spread this way. You should always keep disinfectants in your house. With the beginning of influenza season wipe tabletops, desktops, counters and other surfaces with disinfectant every day. Rinse and dry them carefully with a fresh clean sponge or cloth. Do not forget about prophylactic and antiviral drugs.

If you’ve got the influenza, try not to spread germs. Protect the others. Cover your face with a handkerchief when you sneeze and cough. Always throw tissue in the garbage after you use it. If you are ill, stay home and take your medicines. Try to limit your contacts with other people. It’s much better not to go at workplace, than to infect your coworkers or clients.

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