Trouble Falling Asleep

Actually, it is the attitude that matters in falling asleep. Insomnia is related greatly to your thinking about getting asleep. Most people do not trust the body to fall asleep.

A fixed notion takes place that, sleeping won’t come easy tonight. Such thoughts prevent us from falling asleep. It is time to try some other means tonight. Rather than turning on the TV, when you cannot fall asleep; try to find the most comfortable place in your bed. Fix your mind on sleep, concentrate on exhalation and inhalation. And in 30 minutes, you will get asleep and have wonderful dreams. Remember sleeping is a matter of attitude.

In the hectic way of life, we often stumble on several challenging tasks that evolve tensions and worries. Constant worrying about problems at work, situations at home, with relatives or friends, is actually one of the main causes of sleeplessness. You should realize that there is a place and time for everything, and it is NOT a good idea to worry about life in bed. You should write down your feelings and thoughts in a diary one hour before going to bed. It is necessary to maintain the diary as long as you wish, and one day you will look back to see the trivia for your sleepless nights.


Some people have preferable sleeping positions. Generally, those who turn and toss while sleeping, have difficulties in choosing the proper position. Try to find a comfortable position, simply by remaining in one position for some time, rather than constantly tossing. Try to change a pillow. Whatever side you sleep on, this is essential for the body to be in a straight alignment. Those who experience GERD or heartburn should sleep on the left side, in order to mitigate the pain.


Sore leg muscles, restless leg syndrome, sleep starts (body jerks when you are getting asleep) or limb movements while sleeping (PLMS) called as well nocturnal myoclonus – all of them often cause trouble falling asleep. As a matter of fact, regular physical activity, up to 4 hours before going to bed, will help to reduce the jerky movements. Children may also have trouble falling asleep; this condition is often attributed to restless leg syndrome, because of extreme tiredness. Massage the affected area to stimulate muscles relaxation and get rid of jerky movements in kids.

There are other reasons for trouble falling asleep which include a snoring partner in bed, a new or uncomfortable place, illnesses, and non-conducive temperature. Mostly, troubles falling asleep are attributed to what to do during the day. Therefore, it is necessary to make changes in your lifestyle so that to have a sound slumber at nights. Have nice dreams!

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