Unbearable Shooting Pains in Head Darken Our Lives

Shooting pains in head are common to almost every one of us, as the cause of such pain can become quite usual while going out without a hat in winter, or while visiting the pool or bath, or when an abrupt change in temperature occurs. Also shooting pains in head can be the result of serious injury or head colds. Metabolic disorders can also become a reason of such kind of pain in head. Among other factors that may cause such pain there may be named brain tumor, meningitis, encephalitis, migraine and some other conditions and diseases.

If you suffer from headaches then you may try some folk remedies. For example, geraniums usually applied to the patient’s head and rolled with warm cloth. If shooting pains in head echoes in your ears, you can use beet juice or fresh onions. Peppermint decoction can also help if the shooting pain in head is unbearable.

But it is worth mentioning that whatever folk remedy you use, and no matter how effective it is, it is still better to carry out procedures, consulting with your doctor. In such cases, it is better to visit osteopath, who “works” with headaches.

There may be a burning fever, pressing pain or shooting pains in head. These all kinds of pain cause terrible discomfort. You may also feel like- your head is wooden, you feel congestion and pressure.

Fortunately, nowadays there are a lot of ways to kill such terrible pains. But you should always remember that the diagnostic which can find the reason of pains should be held immediately after you feel “painful changes” in your head. When the diagnosis is correct then you may be advised to take any medicine or attend procedures that will bring relief. Sometimes a single painkiller may help, but sometimes a combination of different therapies is essential.

In some cases a patient just need to relax and change his lifestyle, as pains may be the result of constant stresses and bad habits. Surprisingly, but even wrong food may result in shooting pains in head. Odors which affect our smelling in some cases may also be too unpleasant or poignant that the reaction of organism on such an irritator is demonstrated through headache.

The most serious cases are connected with diseases, operations, infections and so on. In such cases hospitalization is sometimes required.

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