Bowel Problems Seriously Affect the Whole Organism

Bowel itself consists of several guts included in the digestive tract. Their main function is the adsorption of nutrients from food digested in the stomach. When some problems occur bowel can’t normally adsorb water and form feces from organism’s waste products. This leads to obstruction that may cause serious health problems affecting mainly immune system, kidneys and liver. That’s why bowel issues are so important to study.

To begin with, one should know the symptoms that lead straightly to bowel diseases. They are usually non-specific at the initial stages but later may become more regular and acute. Everything starts with abdominal pain which at the beginning is not acute. Later such pains are strengthening and this is an obvious sign that it is time to visit a doctor. Among other indications of bowel problems there are constant vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, bleeding or unexpected weight loss. The causes of these problems may be various infections or inflammations, structural abnormalities, surgical complications, used medications, way of lifestyle, bad habits etc. Bowel issues can be also connected with fetal development during the pregnancy period.

As a result of untreated bowel problems one can get the following diagnoses: chronic constipation and diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, diverticulosis or even cancer. The treatment of these diseases depends on their duration and the severity of symptoms. But general measures to reduce bowel problems include mainly diets combined with some medications prescribed by your dietitian or a doctor. Keeping on a diet and leading healthy lifestyle are certain ways out that can help to forget about bowel problems. Of course, medications are also useful, but most of them simply act as painkillers reducing the symptoms of the disease but not dealing with its origin. That’s why including in the ration plenty of water, juice, fibre and carbohydrates will help your organism to cope with the bowel problems by reducing the quantity of slag. It is also advisable to cut down on drinking alcohol or caffeine which deprive the guts of needed water and increase the acid level in the stomach.

Spaeking about the medications the following may be prescribed: corticosteroids (Asacol, Mezavant XL, Sulazine EC, etc.), aminosalicylates (Colifoam, Deltastab injection, Betnelan tablets, etc.), bulk-forming laxatives (Fybogel, Normacol), antacids or antagonists (Kolanticon, Remegel, Zanprol) and others.

Their active components such as sodium sulfates, bisacodyl, lactulose, prednisolone and hydrocortisone help to cope with bowel movement, motility and sensation or to reduce some painful feelings.

In most cases to explore everything inside the bowel your doctor may held a special procedure called colonoscopy. Nowadays it is the most effective way to investigate the inner flora of any bowel. This enables to choose the exact treatment according to the precise diagnose based on the previous research.

It is common knowledge that disease prevention is always better than tiring treatment. That’s why try to avoid it by dealing with bowel issues rather than with diseases.

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