Gums Swelling Is a Strong Reason to Visit a Dentist

It’s obvious that everyone should care about his/her teeth. Otherwise the visit to a dentist will certainly disappoint you with new health problems. That’s why if some signs of teeth disease have already appeared such as aching or gums bleeding consult your dentist immediately.

And there can be nothing more disappointing than getting gums swelling. It’s the first evident sign that something is wrong with the teeth. Sometimes this disease may simply be the result of the previous dental work, but in most cases it’s a warning of serious problems such as caries, for example. The causes of gums swelling may be the following: a virus or a local infection in your mouth, not fitted correctly dentures, sensitivity or allergic reaction to a toothpaste (mouthwash), side-effects to medication, lack of Vitamin C (the so called “Scurvy”) or pregnancy. But in most cases gums swelling may be caused by an accumulation of harmful mouth bacteria. They are present in all human mouths in certain quantities. Toothpaste and mouthwash only help to reduce this amount but not to remove it completely. That is the result why everyone’s teeth will fade sooner or later. Uncontrolled quantity of mouth bacteria leads to gum disease such as gingivitis, alveolysis, odontolith, etc.

The first symptoms of the approaching gum and teeth problems are the following: redness, aching, soreness and gums bleeding after brushing or flossing. If not taking any measures to cope with these symptoms one can get gums swelling with all related diseases. Many scientists share the point of view that gums diseases are “precursors” of caries, endodontitis, canker and others. This is due to constant plaques and tartars that don’t let a tooth get enough needed vitamins and minerals. As a result it becomes more fragile and liable to various infections.

Here are some recommendations that will help to reduce gums aching and swelling:

1. Warm salt water should be swirled around the mouth cavity.

2. Try to brush the teeth with the paste made of salt and ginger.

3. It will be also useful to gargle with a mixture of lemon juice and warm water.

Sometimes certain natural medications and painkillers may also be effective, including Propolis extract, Goldenseal extract, Coenzyme Q10, Metrogyl and Natrol. Their active components (mainly vitamins C, D and antioxidants) are used to reduce pain, inflammation and susceptibility to gum disease. Remember: don’t mix these remedies with alcohol or sodium lauryl sulfate that cause a rapid growth of bacteria.

It is obvious that disease prevention is always better than its treatment. Here are some steps that will help to avoid gum diseases:

1. Brush normally the teeth with suitable toothpaste made of natural ingredients.

2. Every time before brushing use floss.

3. If your teeth are too sensible try to use a botanical mouthwash after each meal.

4. If you have bad breath use natural botanicals to reduce the amount of mouth bacteria.

5. Avoid excess of sugar that is the main producer of bacteria.

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