Broken Tooth: Tips on What to Do after Such an Accident

If such an unpleasant surprise like broken tooth appears in your life you should be ready to fight the pain it may bring. Follow our advice and don’t be afraid of such surprises.

Despite our teeth are very strong they still may break sometime. For example, while eating or cracking nuts, rinsing one’s mouth with water while teeth cleaning or whatever. You may also get your teeth broke in fighting or in case of unexpected fall. There are a lot of situations which bring the same result – broken teeth.

No doubt, one you find yourself in such a situation, you’ll ask yourself: “What should I do if my tooth broke?”

Actually, sometimes if there is a small piece that chipped from your tooth, you may not feel pain, but if the piece is large, then it may be too painful. Well, it’s hardly possible to repair your teeth at home, but you still can do something at least to reduce pain.

If your tooth is cracked or fractured you need to visit your dentist as soon as possible. Sometimes it happens so that the tooth looks fine, but when you eat something cool, sweet or hot, you feel terrible pain that makes you think: “Ahh.. my tooth broke.” Actually in such a case you may take medicine that brings relief but it can’t treat your tooth, as the damaged nerve or blood vessels need to be treated only by a qualified specialist with the help of special tools and materials.

If you mean while saying “My tooth broke” that it is really broken, then you also need to see your dentist as soon as you can. It is extremely important to find you the reason of breakage – then the proper treatment will be applied. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to see your doctor immediately. If you happen to be in such a situation, you should do the following.

– First of all you should rinse your mouth with water. It should be not cold but not too hot – just warm comfortable temperature.

– If there is an area in your mouth that is bleeding you need to stop this bleeding. You may use gauze (usually applied for 10 minutes) and tea bag (if the bleeding is to intensive).

– Then to relieve pain take a cold pack and apply it to over the area of the broken tooth on the cheek.

– If there are some circumstances that prevent you from seeing your dentist, then go to the nearest drugstore and buy temporary dental cement to cover the part of the broken tooth that was left in your mouse.

– It’s also advised to take pain reliever.

When you finally see your dentist, s/he may find out that:

1. Your tooth is cracked. In this case it may be repaired with special material or your tooth may need a crown to prevent the crack from spreading.

2. Your tooth is chipped. In this case your dentist nay repair it with filling material and your tooth will become beautiful again. And if the chip is not very big, the dentist may just polish the area which suffered.

3. Your tooth is seriously broken – the nerve is damaged. And you feel terrible pain. There is bleeding. In this case root canal treatment is usually applied. Afterwards a crown may also be required.

Your tooth may also be split or affected by decay. In any case you should trust your doctor which will be taking care of your broken tooth.

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