Weight Gain Tips

Although it is very popular to be skinny it might not suit everybody. Some people just need some flesh on the bones to have perfect and gorgeous look. You shouldn’t overdo anything to gain weight. These simple weight gain tips can add a significant mass amount to the body!

Healthy Tips for Weight Gain

It is best to adopt a slow approach to weight gain to stay healthy and achieve long term results. Before using any of the tips mentioned below, visit the doctor for medical checkup. As a matter of fact some people are skinny due to a health condition. Actually it might be high metabolic process.

First, you should calculate the calories you need per day. It is daily calorie intake, a number which differs from person to person based on the metabolism. To put on weight you should intake the calories needed by the body, and gradually increase the calories amount by 200 every day to gain more weight.

The good weight gain plan is essential for healthy weight gain. Many people eat unhealthy food, thinking it can help to put on weight. However, you should eat right and your diet should include fats, protein carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins in the right proportions.

To gain weight it is necessary to eat a significant amount of protein. This is particularly relevant for men who want to develop muscle. All in all, healthy weight gain implies muscle development rather than fat accumulation.

It is essential to drink plenty of water as you will have to work out. Drinking a lot of water provides skin elasticity as well.

Exercise to Gain Weight

To gain weight you should lift weights. Men like this type of exercises but women may find muscle development not indeed feminine. However it requires endless working out for muscle development. You should just lift weights you feel comfortable with, and do it every other day, preferably under the guidance of a fitness instructor.

It is important to get enough sleep for healthy weight gain. People generally undermine the role of sleep. However, sleep serves many purposes starting from normalizing body functions, regulating the metabolism and helping to recover from injuries acquired during a workout. Without enough sleep people will feel tired, sluggish, eat wrong foods which will ruin your plans to weight gain. As a matter of fact, it is best to follow one sleeping pattern every day; thus the body will adapt to the regimen and will work properly.

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