Therapeutic Yoga – Activation of The Self

In recent years, therapeutic yoga is gaining increasing interest. In fact, yoga offers a wide range of therapeutic applications, often in search of spiritual attainment remains unheeded. Therapeutic Yoga uses elements from various styles of yoga, to maximize efficiency in the activation of the self-forces in the people. In fact, the activation of the part in humans, the self-regulating force, is the focus in yoga therapy. Cleaning, harmonizing, strengths Therapeutic Yoga works on different levels with the basic principles of “cleansing, harmonizing, strengths.” Imagine that the person is a body’s energy system in which information or energy (Sanskrit: Prana) through channels or tubes (Sanskrit: Nadis) can flow. A system in which energy and can flow out. When the harmonious energy flow, the clearer and stronger it is, the healthier the body reacts on such a system. If there are blocks in the flow of this energy, it creates an imbalance. The energy or life force is dammed, when it is in one place too much, too little to other place. It begins, like water, which is too long and stale flat. At this point, the yoga therapist uses cleaning exercises to drain stale energy in it.

Perhaps you know the state in which you do not want to sleep anymore, because you feel tired, just after you wake up you still feel tired. In yoga therapy, this is a clear sign of “internal poisoning.” Through exercises of the cleaning and subsequent strengthening exercises can restore the body system back into balance. If in one place to turn a lot of energy, it is as if the hand is holding a candle. Too much energy at the wrong time, wrong place. Here are the harmonization exercises, to ensure the energy is evenly distributed over the body. If, there‚Äôs too little energy in a body system, so that external influences – be they physical or psychological nature – can penetrate uncontrollably (hypersensitivity), strengthening exercises will be used, exercises the body system and with more vigorous vitality and energy. The yoga therapist detects when a body system is cleaning, when the strengthening and when the need for harmonization and is capable of physically energetic exercises these three areas and assign them to work on different levels of the body and soul.

Physical level

On the physical level, muscles and organs through systematic physical exercises is moved and massaged for the removal of slag and the intake of nutrients is optimized. Muscles and organs can be, compressed like a sponge, old, spent emptied, and in the relaxed state, just like a sponge, filling with new, energy-giving substances. Conscious breathing exercises and breathes control to support this process further through greater intake of oxygen and prana.

Energetic level

On the energy level, the therapeutic yoga assumes that Prana in the body to the subtle Nadis flows through the body and inform them of these channels with life energy. Blockades, in this energy will be covered by pranayama (breath training), movement and awareness training (Pranic steering) is solved.

Emotional level

On the emotional level, especially the approach from the Nada Brahma therapy after Mukunda. Here are emotional blockages through sound, rhythm and vocal exercises Klang is solved. A technique based on the ancient knowledge of the Nada-based yogis.

Ground vibration
In the Nada Brahma-therapy, the root of a man of great importance. The fundamental wave is called the home when the voice returns again and again. Through the determination of the fundamental personality traits can recognize a human being (personality analysis), strengths and weaknesses, and the genuine potential of a human being. It can be harmonious and disharmonious relationships. Maybe you know someone whose voice you can not hear “or someone whose voice you just feel a pleasant feeling. A direct example of the impact of vocal pitch and tone to your emotional system. By working with the root one can succeed in therapeutic yoga, the people in a state of vibration to bring the self-healing powers of the body very much can be activated. The root of a human individual is identified by an experienced yoga therapist determined and can be used in combination with awareness exercises to establish the self-healing process in motion to bring the emotional body to harmonize and to clean, but also to traditional medicines are effective for you.

Mental level
Transformative Yoga Nidra

On the intellectual and emotional level can the therapeutic Yoga beginning by the transformative Yoga Nidra direct access to otherwise often untapped levels of perception and of being open. Here, the patient can learn in a state of deep, inner peace, this can affect to take the self-force. In this condition, the patient learns to be aware at some level to act on the alpha-like oscillations of the brain and enables the state of the transformation of beliefs and behavior experience. It opens up space for new behavior, the contact with the inner self will be strengthened; own life, the life’s mission is to experience and thus opens possibilities, new ways to find harmony in everyday life to live.

The approach of therapeutic yoga allows us, at all levels – from body to soul – actively participate in the self-healing and to work. A therapeutic tool of inestimable value, both in the therapeutic practice as well as in dealing with oneself is a way of unity (yoga) and harmony in the life of self-conscious experience and to make clearly visible that leads to changes in the health and general condition.

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