Why Are My Teeth Yellow?

There are a lot of reasons why teeth yellow and stop being so white and beautiful. One of them is pretty natural – it is aging. It is not really possible for a person to preserve the same whiteness of teeth as it was in teenage years as we eat and drink and chew and smoke and what not and it is only natural that teeth yellow by the age of 40.

The nest reason for teeth getting yellow is genetic. If your teeth are generally thick, they get lighter and are easier to bleach. In case the teeth are thin, they are less responsive to bleaching.

Perhaps, people with bad eating habits can easy answer the question – why are my teeth yellow? It is not hard to trace the connection between the things you consume and how they affect your health. When there is too much caffeine, red wine, cigarettes or the like is present, nothing good can be expected. This is both in general terms and also when it comes to teeth.

A lot of people tend to grind teeth either because of stress or under some other circumstances, which is not really beneficial as teeth yellow and get darker.

The thing about white and yellow teeth is that according to many American researches, people with white teeth are considered more attractive in 92% of cases. This is the reason why teeth whitening is so popular. In the surrounding where your smile is treated as a compulsory part of your image and is used as a tool in the interpersonal relationships, it is impermissible to have yellow teeth. Bright smile both makes you more self-confident and people better disposed. Yellow teeth is something that can spoil your personal and professional image. It might seem strange but in this country your professional achievements can be hardwired to the way you look in general and the state of your teeth in particular.

As long as everybody wants to be happy and successful, many seek ways to make their teeth look better. There are not many people who do not need any improvement in the sphere; others, unfortunately, have to apply for the help of either dentists or try home-made options, or both.

The first and foremost way to deal with yellow teeth is dental whitening. It is a cosmetic procedure and is rather expensive; therefore, not so many people opt for it.

More affordable option is whitening toothpastes – they are cheaper and can be used at home. They are pretty effective for light stains and discoloration but will be of little help for dark and yellow teeth.

Teeth whitening kits are one more option if your teeth are yellow and heavily stained. There are a lot of them available on the market and you can also obtain them from online sellers. They commonly include gels and brushes or swabs as well as sprays and so on.

Apart from the above mentioned ones there are other options for teeth whitening; however, it is better not to lead the teeth to yellow condition and take better care of them. Oral hygiene is important as well as general keeping fit and healthy.

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