Brown Spots on Face

Brown spots on face is a common condition affecting millions people worldwide. Brown spots are called age spots, hyper pigmentation, etc and in fact nobody can escape from them. Ephelis is the term used to describe brown spots on face. Generally age spots on face happen in middle age. Brown spots are the increasing amount of natural color in some facial areas and thus the spots look odd. Age spots on face may be caused by psychological effects, if an individual is too sensitive to beauty and looks.


Brown spots on face appear due to skin color darkening on certain face areas. External factors can also provoke age spots.

  • The most common reason for brown spots on face is aging.
  • Changes during pregnancy may trigger brown spots on face.
  • Excessive exposure to sun causes extra melanin production in the skin resulting in brown spots.
  • Allergic reactions to medicines or contact with dangerous chemicals can be the cause of brown spots on face.
  • Hormonal changes may lead spots on face.
  • Poor hygiene can make the skin susceptible to rashes, damage and allergies.
  • Genetics is also important as it can produce negative and positive changes.
  • Stress, depression and menopause are also the triggers of brown spots on face.

How to treat brown spots on face

  • Vitamin E Oil is known for its anti-oxidant features and thus, it is very effective for treating spots on face caused by dust, pollution and smoke. Apply vitamin E oil to the damaged area regularly; this will help to eliminate brown spots on face.
  • Castor Oil improves the skin texture and thus, the application of castor oil to the affected zone is often prescribed.
  • Since long Aloe Vera is famous for its benefits to the skin. Its ingredients have perfect healing properties. Apply aloe vera to the age spots regularly to treat the problem.
  • Lemon is popular for its ability to lower brown spots by bleaching the pigmentation. First extract some juice and apply it to the spots.
  • Natural Whitening Cream: As a matter of fact, aside from the remedies mentioned above, you may choose natural whitening creams. It is best to find whitening creams, containing natural components. This will protect your skin from allergy and adverse effects. It is advisable not to start using any creams without the prescription from your doctor.

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