How to Diagnose Drug Allergy

Drug allergy is one of the most unpleasant forms of allergy as you cannot be sure whether you have it or no. Even though quite often a person suffers from several types of allergy (ex. pollen, food, dust or cats/dogs allergies), it doesn’t mean that situation is the same in all cases.  A person who suffers from one allergy type may be allergic to particular drugs or no. At the same time a person who has never been discovered any type of allergy can develop a reaction to drugs.

The hidden danger of drug allergy lays in the fact it can cause damage to your organs. Mild to moderate reactions usually cause no problems, but severe ones are potentially harmful especially if discovered too late. Another problem is usually you need to take the drug for several times to develop a reaction. By increasing the concentration of the drug you take within your system you also increase the possibility of severe reaction. That is why it’s important to try to diagnose drug allergy at early stages.

If you have any type of allergy, don’t wait until the day you might get signs of reactions. Face the problem instead. Today multiple allergy tests are available at almost any medical center. These tests can help to determine whether you are allergic to most famous allergens among drugs. However, these allergy tests are, unfortunately, not panacea. They will show if you are allergic to antibiotics such as penicillin, but allergy tests do not include all drugs as in this case such testing can be dangerous.

All allergy tests are conducted in the form of skin tests. They are absolutely painless and have no contraindications. People of all ages and with all health conditions are allowed to pass through them. Your doctor may also advise you to make this test in case one of your close relatives (ex. parents, grandparents or sister/brother) has a severe form of allergy. As allergy reactions are caused by our immune system, this disease can be inherited.

If you have ever had any forms of drug allergy reactions, even mild ones, it’s important to determine the element you’re allergic to and remember it. In future provide your doctor with information concerning drugs you’re allergic to in order not to get prescribed these drugs. Remember, even slight reactions to drugs can become worse with time, so it’s important to avoid them. Modern pharmacology offers replacements for almost all drugs, so you shouldn’t worry you’ll get a less effective medicine.

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