How to Prevent Sweating

Under the term of sweating is understood the process of excessive perspiration that can be a real problem for a person. Perspiration allows a body to maintain certain temperature and, in case of hot surroundings, it cools the body. However, if the process is excessive, it may be unpleasant and embarrassing as it is always accompanied with an unpleasant odor and wet underarms, back and so on.

Sweating can be a real problem that complicates life and interaction with other people. That is why people suffering from it should know how to prevent sweating and what actually causes it. The most frequent problem is underarm sweating but feet as well as face and back can also sweat and be annoying.

Causes of Sweating

First of all, it is important to understand, that sweating can be genetic as well as a result of some medical condition. Among them are menopause, hypothyroidism, puberty and obesity, also stress and even more serious underlying health conditions.

How to Prevent Sweating

Ways to prevent sweating are numerous and they are selected individually as one can work for this particular person and fail for another.

How to Prevent Underarm Sweating

There are a lot of deodorants and antiperspirants that claim to help with excessive sweating. However, one thing should be clear here – deodorants can only eliminate the odor and not wetness. Antiperspirants with aluminum chloride are able to eliminate both; however, they may not be quite beneficial for health and, again, they may work for you or not. Apart from antiperspirants one can also try using talcum or alum powder. It is applied directly on the area of underarms on a regular basis throughout the day. This may not be the best way out but in case of bad sweating it is better than nothing. It is also recommended to avoid wearing tight clothes that is made from artificial synthetic materials. The best choice for people with excessive underarm sweating is cotton – it keeps the right temperature and does not keep heat. Natural methods include rubbing underarms with potato slices as well as dabbing with vinegar.

How to Prevent Facial Sweating

Facial sweating is frequently the result of inadequate use of moisturizers and facial lotions that contain clay. In case this is the reason, such facials should be avoided. Talcum powder is recommended in case facial sweating is a problem as well as dubbing face with aloe vera juice. It is also very useful to have tissues and handkerchiefs at hand in order to soak the sweat from the face.

How to Prevent Palms and Feet Sweating

Actually, the same recipes can be applied for sweating feet and palms. Talcum powder and antibacterial soap can be very effective as well as different medicinal foot powders. Besides, it is recommended to wear socks from non-synthetic materials and exchange open and closed shoes in order to let the legs breathe. In case of sweating palms, wet wipes are effective and as well as antiperspirants containing aluminum chloride.

These are basic tips on how to prevent sweating. Surely enough, many people suffer from the problem – it is not something out of ordinary. Luckily, it can be helped. And if not, a dermatologist can be consulted and more effective ways found.

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