Scratchy Throat Allergies

Allergy is an inherited condition in most cases. In fact, the immunity reacts to the substances you inhale, touch or eat. Foreign substances are seen as enemies and attacked by the immune system. As a result, normal everyday life is affected. Actually, people can become allergic to anything. Pollen, dust, animal dander, and molds are common allergens.

Spring is the time period when many people suffer from scratchy throat allergies. The plants and trees come back to life after the cold winters, and cause sniffling and sneezing in people with allergy. Asthma and hay fever belong to the most frequent ear – nose – throat type of allergies.

Hay fever, or allergic rhinitis, is a reaction provoked by dust or pollen. The condition is generally seasonal. Among the most common symptoms of pollen allergy there are sneezing, sore and scratchy throat, nasal congestion, watery eyes and headache. It is advisable to stay away from allergens that cause the condition. It is best to remove any potential allergens like spores, dust, molds, and pollen from your house.

It is a good idea to use an air conditioner so as to filter the pollens. When you experience a headache, use a wet compress to relieve the symptom. The sleeping area should be free of things that serve perfect dust collectors, for example, stuffed animals. Cover your pillow and mattress to protect them from dust and pollen.

As a matter of fact, nasal allergies often provoke itching at the mouth roof, itching in the throat, and in the nostrils. For those who suffer from hay fever, the best advice is to avoid the allergens. You should always be alert and find out what causes your symptoms of nasal allergy.

Oral Allergy Syndrome induces itching in the mouth after eating some foods. Probably it is due to the intake of pollen producing fruits, vegetables and plants. It is often seen that individuals with Oral Allergy Syndrome, have allergic reaction to chamomile, banana, sunflower seed, cucumber, zucchini, etc.

In fact, the most simple method of treating scratchy throat allergies and nasal allergy is to gargle regularly with salt water. Other simple tips on treating throat allergies include having enough rest, keeping the body well hydrated, taking hot baths. To relieve nasal congestion it is necessary to humidify the house.

To keep scratchy throat allergies under control, it is necessary to take steps on prevention. These include healthy eating, large intake of fluids, washing your hands frequently, having plenty of rest and avoiding crowded places.

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