Drug Allergy Treatment

Drug allergy is less common than other forms of hypersensitivity, but that doesn’t mean it is less dangerous or you can neglect the fact you have it. Certainly, drug allergy doesn’t create lifestyle limitations like, for example, a food one, but you should keep in mind an ingredient or drug you’re allergic to and try not to take it. Prevention is the key term here. Also make sure you always notify your doctor or medical personnel you have drug allergy. Drug allergy treatment usually depends on the type of allergen you’re sensitive to and your reaction to it.

As it has been already mentioned, drug allergies should be prevented. This allows living your normal life without keeping in mind the fact you actually have allergy. If you have developed symptoms of allergic reaction, the primary goal is to remove the symptoms you have. If you have mild to moderate symptoms such as itching, rash, hives, etc, you may be prescribed antihistamines. Histamines are human chemicals that irritate and cause allergic reaction. Drugs known as antihistamines remove this irritation. In rarer cases you may be prescribed corticosteroids.

If your symptoms include lung congestion of coughing, you may still be prescribed the abovementioned medications, but drugs known as bronchodilators are added in this situation. They help to increase lung ventilation and widen airways thus allowing you to breathe freely. If you have troubles breathing caused by the drug, it’s important to remember drug’s name or ingredient’s title and you should try to prevent its usage in future as higher concentrations of the drug may cause severe reactions including anaphylactic symptoms. They are very rare and dangerous. A patient suffering from them has not only difficulty breathing, but also loss of consciousness. These symptoms are considered life-threatening are in exceptional cases they may lead to death of patient. To prevent serious troubles a patient may be given epinephrine.

Antibiotics allergy is one of the most common among drug hypersensitivity sufferers. More than a half of all drug allergy reactions are caused by specific antibiotics. However, that is not a problem as there are various alternative antibiotics that are just as effective. In case you need to use penicillin and you’re allergic to it, your doctor may advise you to pass through a desensitization treatment course. It sufficiently decreases your sensitivity to penicillin. The mechanism of this treatment is the following. You are injected tiny amounts of the drug on a periodical basis. With time the amount of the drug injected is slowly increased and you become less and less sensitive to penicillin.

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