Pain in Kidney Area

Most diseases in people lack unique symptoms that pertain only to that disease. It becomes hard to decipher what the body is pointing to via the myriad perplexing signs. Many symptoms are common for many diseases and can range from a common cold to a cancer. Same is relevant for pain in kidney area. In most cases it is mistaken for back pain. It is crucial to know how to distinguish back pain from pain in kidney area.

Pain in kidney zone caused by a kidney disease is throbbing and severe as compared to a pain that originates as usual back pain. The pain provoked by kidney diseases is called renal colic and it generally happens in waves. The throbbing pain appears, stays for a while and subsides by itself, while the back pain is often dull and persistent. Back pain, in particular the pain in kidney area commonly stems from a trauma or injuries to the ligament, muscle, or vertebral discs present in this zone.


Kidney stones is a condition in which minerals like crystals of calcium oxalate accumulate in the urine forming stones. If kidney stones start moving in the urinary system, they provoke excruciating pain. The pain is triggered by the stones present in ureter. The pain may become very severe and induce vomiting and nausea. The condition is treated via surgery or kidney stones may be dissolved to be removed from the body with urine.

Kidney infections or pyelonephritis is the inflammation of tissues in kidneys. Actually, kidney tissues are extremely sensitive and inflammation stretches the tissue triggering a sharp pain. A touch in the flank zone induces tremendous pain. Fever, vomiting and nausea are the symptoms generally related to kidney infections. Remember, kidney infection is a severe condition which requires immediate medical help. Infections in kidneys are usually cured with intravenous antibiotics that prevent the infection from spreading through the blood stream.

As a matter of fact, kidney cancer rarely causes pain similar to pain in kidney area. Actually, the pain appears only when the tumor is very large and stretches the tissues of kidneys.

Polycystic kidney disease represents a hereditary disorder where the kidneys enlarge in some time. The enlarged kidneys cause dull pain, generally in the front rather than in the back.

Urine flow can be obstructed because of several conditions. It can occur gradually, not like with kidney stone, which causes sudden blockage of the flow. In fact, blocked urine flow can provoke excruciating pain in kidney area.

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